Hungarian Film Wins At Poland's Film Fest As Awards Season Ramps Up

On Body and Soul, a movie about strangers sharing dreams, won the Golden Frog (yes, frog) at the Camerimage Fest. But "before announcing the top prize winners, juror Stephen Goldblatt said the body felt they had to make a statement decrying what he called the 'high degree of gratuitous, misogynistic and voyeuristic' violence seen in […]
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Diana Ross Reflects On Her Life In Music - And Her Future

As the legend gets a lifetime achievement award, and during the 55th anniversary of the Supremes' debut, Ross says, "Motown was genius! It put all of this energy together and created music that traveled around the entire world. Berry Gordy had a vision, and so did I. We were surrounded by [so much] talent, and […]
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Top Posts For AJBlogs For The Weekend Of 11.19.17

Arnold Schoenberg’s Musical Response to FDR   What kind of American was Arnold Schoenberg? In Los Angeles, a Jewish refugee from Hitler’s Germany, he adopted English as his primary language. He watched The Lone Ranger on TV. For his children, ...  read more AJBlog: Unanswered Question Published 2017-11-18 Anarchy! Classical music has a mindset. Or I might call it an ideology. Two parts of it are: Classical music is a high, refined, deeply serious art. And so scholarship about its history is...
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Pennsylvania Ballet Names Shelly Power As Executive Director

Power is currently the artistic director and CEO of the Prix de Lausanne dance competition and is the former administrator and AD of the Houston Ballet Academy. She said, "I like to build things, I like to develop things, whether it’s programs or strategic planning, and implementing and organizing strategically the path ahead."
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Ojai Music Festival's Artistic Director Will Step Down In 2019

Thomas Morris, who has been artistic director of the California festival since 2004, has changed and - The New York Times adds - broadened the reach of Ojai, which has a different music director every year.
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Inception: A Novel Written By A Character On A TV Show, With A Blurb By The Actual Writer, Is Out Now

Follow this: "In the very first episode of Jane the Virgin — the hit show about a young woman who is accidentally artificially inseminated during a routine visit to her gynecologist — viewers learn that Jane wants to be a writer. Over the course of the show, she attends graduate school, obtaining her Master’s degree […]
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Finally It's Time To Acknowledge And Celebrate Alice Coltrane

Why hasn't her music been appreciated before? Well, it's kind of like John Lennon and Yoko Ono: "Her talents weren’t hugely appreciated in the 1960s. This was partly due to the man with whom she fell in love in 1963. John Coltrane became her husband two years later and asked her to step into his […]
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Is The Simpsons' Apu A Problem?

Comedian and political commentator Hari Kondabolu thinks the 30-year-old series definitely needs to clean up its act with its only South Asian character. His documentary goes on a quest to find out why. "What really emerges — as Kondabolu sits down with former Simpsons producer Dana Gould, and culls comments [Apu voice actor Hank] Azaria […]
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Is Spike Lee Solving His 'Woman Problem' With A Reimagined Heroine?

Lee's movie She's Gotta Have It is now a Netflix series, which, in 30-minute episodes, has changed the main character and given her many more facets. Also ... "with television came a writer’s room, one that Mr. Lee filled with African-American female artists and writers." That didn't hurt.
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Louise Erdrich, Who Just Published Her 16th Novel, Is The 'Great American Novelist'

Ann Patchett thinks she'll win the Nobel Prize someday. She's published 30 books - nonfiction, children's novels, and more. Sherman Alexie says she writes entertaining hyperrealistic literary fiction. And she owns a bookstore. "In a strange way, Louise Erdrich is perhaps our least famous great American writer; she is not reclusive, but she is reticent, […]
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Cate Blanchett And The Artistic Manifesto

The director of Blanchett's Manifesto (an art installation ... or a movie?): "The political landscape has shifted towards populism and against 'elitism.' ... 'Every populist wants to cut down cultural budgets and educational budgets for a good reason: because they need stupid minds to be manipulated and to become sheep of consumerism.'"
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The Creator Of Brazil's Outdoor Museum Has Been Sentenced To Nine Years In Jail

Contemporary art museum creator Bernardo Paz, "an eccentric and celebrated figure in Brazil’s art scene, was accused of using money raised abroad for Inhotim for expenses related to a conglomerate of mining and steel companies he ran. Mr. Paz’s sister, Virgínia de Mello Paz, was also convicted in the scheme and sentenced to five years […]
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Playwrights Are Finding Money, And Love, On The Small Screen

It's true: "In years past, this relationship was an illicit tryst, a badge of shame. Today, it is an artistic triumph. Many writers head to theater school with dramatic polygamy in mind, and those already established in theater actively pursue meetings with TV executives."
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Jamestown Slashes Its Library's Funding, Library Sells Its Valuable Collection Of Art, Protests Ensue

There are protests, of course, but the library in New York says there's no other way to keep going: "The nine works to be sold Tuesday are an assortment of 19th-century creations by artists like Giovanni Boldini and Emilio Sánchez Perrier that the auction house has estimated could bring in a total of as much […]
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The Nightmare Future Of Filmmaking, Courtesy Of Amazon

The pieces are all in place: "Amazon has built a stable of services touching just about every part of the entertainment industry, from film and game development to ebook publishing and video streaming. It’s also built a retail empire on cheap piecemeal labor, free material generated by users, and an arcane system designed to connect […]
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Girish Bhargava, The Editor Of 'Dirty Dancing' And So, So Many Dance Shows, Has Died At 76

We would know so little of dance without him: "Bhargava edited films that captured the work of Balanchine, Peter Martins, Bob Fosse, Merce Cunningham, Martha Graham and many other prominent choreographers, in the process creating an archival record of a genre that had historically been difficult to preserve. And through Dance in America and other […]
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Dance Has Always Been Political, But This Year ... Wow

One choreographer: "We don’t have time to play around anymore."
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Torch Song Trilogy, The Herald Of A New Era, Turns 35

Stuart Emmerich: "My only experiences of gay theater had been plays like The Boys in the Band, Fortune and Men’s Eyes, Tea and Sympathy and Streamers — plays where the gay character was either closeted or bitter or suicidal, and usually all three. It was a shock to see Mr. Fierstein, as Arnold, strutting around […]
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Last Living Person Linked To Gardner Art Theft Seeks Prison Release On Separate Charge

Robert Gentile's attorney says he can't remember pleading guilty on a weapons charge and thus, "the reputed Connecticut mobster, who authorities say is the last surviving person of interest in the largest art heist in U.S. history, wants to await sentencing in an unrelated weapons case at his home."
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It's Getting Easier To Pirate Movies, And Hollywood Isn't Pleased

A religious power couple in Atlanta run TickBox TV, and they're being sued for that because TickBox is a device that allows people to obtain unlicensed (aka stolen) content via technology that scrapes other streaming devices. "Set-top box piracy also tends to attract older users and families, intellectual property experts said. It even looks more […]
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The (Considerable) Consequences Of Memoirs

"At one minute past midnight on July 19, 1975, my father was hanged. For twenty-seven years, I told no one about it. Then I published a memoir. I have lived with the aftermath of that decision ever since, as does anyone who has published their own story, who has unwrapped what had previously been concealed: […]
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UK Lottery Sales Are Way Down. Arts Funding Is Suffering. Scottish Officials Say Other Arts Funding Is Needed

With National Lottery income making up nearly 40% of Creative Scotland’s and sportscotland’s total income, these reductions are of critical concern and put both jobs and provision at risk. Figures released by National Lottery operator Camelot in June 2017 showed arts funding was down £55m, with expectations that the “disappointing” sales would continue this year. Creative […]
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Memphis College Of Art Says It Will Close

The final decision had been made two weeks earlier, spurred by a combination of declining admissions — down by 35% just this year, according to High Ground Memphis — increasing real estate debt, and the school’s small endowment fund. Tuition at the school is $35,000 per year. While many remain optimistic that the school could remain open, […]
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What Place Do Art Fairs Have In Art-Rich Berlin?

“Yet another fair feels like a car company offering another new model: there are already more than enough different cars, besides other options like bicycles, trains and planes. But, like the possibility of a new and really interesting car model entering the stage—an electric one, for instance—there’s always a chance of a new and really […]
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Stabilization? Met Museum Cuts Its Projected Deficit, Adds To Endowment

"Where a shortfall of $15 million had been projected for the fiscal year 2017, which ended in June, that figure was contained to $10.1 million, according to the report, and the Met said it is on track to eliminate its deficit by 2020. In addition, the museum’s endowments increased by almost $300 million, to a […]
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Love The Art, Hate The Artist?

"I expect art to be troubling because I expect people to be troubling. I am prepared to like and dislike something in every work. I can also appreciate the aesthetic genius of a moral monster without feeling that I am becoming inured to monstrosity. Just as I can read Heidegger without becoming a Nazi, I […]
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French Teachers Suggest Practical Alternative For The 'Masculine Prevails' Grammar Rule

"The teachers' objection was not just philosophical; it was philological. The rule, they said in the French version of Slate, was a parvenu (it was enunciated in the 17th century and became widely taught only in the 19th century) and politically motivated (it buttressed French laws that denied women equal rights). ... In its place, […]
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New Plays At The Center Of A Touring Scheme

The organization acts as a producer and manager all in one, from mapping out a show’s tour route to managing it on the road. “We view ourselves as being in service to the artists and the work, and we also view ourselves as being in service to our colleagues who will be our client.”
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How France Is Branding Its Culture Across The Globe

"The opening of the Louvre Abu Dhabi over the weekend is the latest example of how traditional French cultural diplomacy is being supplanted by brand politics: Abu Dhabi bought the rights to use the Paris museum's famous name at a price tag of over $500 million over three decades. This example of "soft power" goes […]
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Our Struggle With The Idea Of Scientific "Progress"

"Accelerating scientific invention does not make human beings any more good-natured or reasonable but simply increases their capacity to achieve their goals. In practice, this means the groups that are most powerful will increase their hold over the rest. Schemes for improving the human animal by technological means will not alter these facts. What counts […]
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