Quinnipiac University Closes Ireland’s Great Hunger Museum

The museum had only been open since 2012. Donors are concerned: Where will all of their artifacts end up? – The New York Times
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Quinnipiac University Closes The Ireland’s Great Hunger Museum

The museum had only been open since 2012. Donors are concerned: Where will all of their artifacts end up? – The New York Times
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How Biden’s Antitrust Attitudes May Affect TV Deals

It’s almost like a media long-tail development: “The sudden chill in the regulatory climate may fan the flames of another significant business trend. There’s a growing crowd of investors and private-equity groups … waiting to pounce on small pieces of old empires.” – Variety
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A Close Vote Reflects Deep Divisions In The Stagehands Union

IATSE’s recent contract vote narrowly averted a strike – but the West Coast voted against the contract, and locals are fed up. “Younger, more militant members [have] grown impatient with worsening working conditions and IATSE’s long tradition of avoiding nationwide walkouts.” – Los Angeles Times
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Some Industry Awards Are Changing To Include Nonbinary Talent

The Brit Awards announced they “would do away with gendered awards categories entirely, following in the footsteps of the Grammy Awards, the MTV Video Music Awards and the Juno Awards.” A big concern: Women performers may get shut out once again. – CBC
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The Power Of Generating PR

Perhaps the Australian journalist who screwed up his country’s only interview with Adele was trying to resist her massive PR team. But the performer (& her team) also convinced Spotify to change its automatic shuffle. In short, power cuts many ways. – The Observer (UK)
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Our Brains Are Prediction Machines

And that’s because human brains are so energy hungry that they train hard to be energy-efficient. What happens when actual machines can mimic the brain? – Wired
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Keeping The Coronavirus Away From The Nutcracker

At the Washington Ballet, for instance, “Dancers younger than 12 will be wearing custom-designed masks to match their party frocks, clown costumes and mouse fur. These kids will also need a negative coronavirus test 72 hours before any performance.” – Washington Post
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Not Many Famous Children Grow Up OK, So How Did This One Manage?

Gaby Hoffman’s public life began when she was five, and stepmom Cindy Sherman took photos of her dressed as the Devil. She had her own sitcom at 12. But somehow – by dint of taking years off – she still loves acting. – The Guardian (UK)
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Man Convicted Of Raping Author Alice Sebold Is Exonerated

The author of The Lovely Bones wrote about her rape in her 1999 memoir, Lucky, which was in the process of being made into a movie – but the original producer’s own research led to Anthony Broadwater’s exoneration. – Los Angeles Times (AP)
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If Politicians Can’t Fix A City’s Problems, Can Art Do Something?

Manchester intends to find out. – BBC
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As The Pandemic Ticks Toward A Third Year, The Arts Are More Important To Us Than Ever

“For arts institutions looking to make the changes the public wants to see, the numbers couldn’t be clearer: lowering ticket and entry prices should be at the top of their list.” Also important: “Improving equity and inclusion … and engaging more diverse groups.” – Hyperallergic
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The Broadway Actor Arrested For A Role In The January 6 Riot At The Capital

His non-Broadway role as a Michael Jackson impersonator gave him away – and federal investigators attended LA and San Francisco performances where actor James Beeks was playing Judas (yes, Judas) in a road show of Jesus Christ Superstar. – Washington Post
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Once, Community Housing Architecture Was A Utopian Dream

“When the housing scheme opened in 1938, it offered 3,000 residents modern kitchens with integrated waste disposal, as well as communal nursery and launderette facilities in what was then the largest social housing complex in Britain.” Fifty years later? All gone. – The Guardian (UK)
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Corporations Have Started Working With First Nations Artists, And The Artists Say That’s Just Fine

Yes, it’s corporate, and yes, representation is incredibly important. “I’m creating sacred space,” one of the artists said – and, from a business point of view, the inclusivity sends a message to potential consumers who care about that value as well. – CBC
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As Coronavirus Surges Again In Europe, Restrictions On Performance Return

“After months of relative normalcy, Europe’s opera houses, concert halls and theaters are reintroducing measures all too familiar from earlier phases of the pandemic, restricting audience numbers and mandating testing, if not canceling shows outright.” – The New York Times
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One Way To Enjoy The Harry Potter Universe Again

A Harry Potter universe free of J.K. Rowling’s anti-trans commentary! A universe where the fanfiction pairing “Wolfstar” is real. It’s 500,000 words long, even longer than several of the books together. Perfect for the winter months, perhaps? – Slate
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Stephen Sondheim Solved Puzzles Of Theatre, And Much More

“ His achievement is Shakespearean. Like Shakespeare, he inherited an art form and theater scene from a previous generation, then pushed the boundaries of what theater could do again and again. … His work follows us through each stage of our own lives.” – Slate
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Playwright Dominque Morisseau Pulls Her Play From The Geffen

The entire run of Paradise Blue has been canceled. The playwright wrote on Facebook “that her decision came after she discovered that Black women artists involved with the show were being ‘verbally abused and diminished.'” – Los Angeles Times
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Composer And Lyricist Stephen Sondheim, Master Of Musical Theatre, 91

Impossible to sum the central figure of American musical theatre up, but: “Sondheim not only bound music, lyrics and book inextricably together, but he explored in far greater depths the human condition in all its anxieties and moral complexities.” – Washington Post
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Sondheim Fans Gather To Mourn, Together, At Piano Bars Across Manhattan

“It seemed important to hold a space for folks to feel whatever they needed to, to sing and cry and laugh and be with people who understood what a loss this was to those who love theater.” – The New York Times
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DVORAK’S PROPHECY on NPR — Are the Arts Still a “Fit Topic” for Historians?

At the conclusion of the National Public Radio feature I’ve produced about “The Fate of Black Classical Music,” Jenn White
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Natalie Butler talks about the development of teaching artists

Natalie Butler, Dean of Learning and Teaching at People’s Music School, shares about the importance of professional development for teaching artists!
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The Man Trying To Fix DC’s Broken Arts Commission

It is one of the country’s leaders in funding — its $38 million is one of the nation’s largest per capita — but it has been mired in controversy. Since 2018, it has weathered a censorship scandal, turf battles with the mayor and a series of short-tenured executive directors. – Washington Post
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“Superstar” Actor Arrested In Connection With Jan. 6 Riot

James Beeks, who performs in Superstar under the stage name James T. Justis, is charged by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia with obstruction of Congress, a felony, as well as a misdemeanor charge of unlawfully entering a restricted building or grounds. – Deadline
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Filter Me This, Batman: Yassify Takes On Famous Images

To “yassify” something is to apply several beauty filters to a picture using FaceApp, an A.I. photo-editing application, until its subject — be that a celebrity, a historical figure, a fictional character or a work of fine art — becomes almost unrecognizably made up. – The New York Times
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US Libraries See Surge In Demands To Ban Books

“Social media is amplifying local challenges and they’re going viral, but we’ve also been observing a number of organisations activating local members to go to school board meetings and challenge books. We’re seeing what appears to be a campaign to remove books.” – The Guardian
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An Artificial Reality Of Self-Improvement?

If computers gave each and every one of us a better way to gauge where to put our resources and energy and everyone of us had a better shot at living longer healthier lives, would that be a positive development? – Cody Pallo
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Rethink: Why Shouldn’t Shelter For Homeless People Be Beautiful?

“Design was often not seen as an important aspect of homeless housing. They were faceless vanilla blocks that looked cheap and made people, by implication, feel that where they were living wasn’t important.” – The New York Times
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A Surge In Ballroom Dance In South America. But…

Latin America’s ballroom scene is relatively new. It started in 2013 when a group of dancers began hosting vogue battles in Brazil, and has since spread to Mexico, Chile, Costa Rica, Argentina and Colombia. – The New York Times
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