China’s Most Expensive Film Ever Yanked From Screens After Box Office Disaster

“In the long lead-up to its release, Chinese fantasy epic Asura was promoted as China’s most expensive film ever made, with a production budget of over $110 million (750 million yuan). So perhaps it’s unsurprising that the film’s producers, which include Jack Ma’s Alibaba Pictures, decided to take desperate action after the movie opened to just $7.1 million over the weekend.”
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Toronto’s Largest Theatre Suspends Its Training Program Due To ‘Culture Change’

“As [the Soulpepper Theatre Company] reckons with “>sexual-misconduct allegations against one of its founders, the Soulpepper Academy is putting its training program on a one-year hold to conduct a review before admitting a new troupe of artists. Between a costly legal battle, a six-figure deficit and hiccups in government funding, the not-for-profit would seem to be besieged on several fronts.”
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Henry Morgenthau III, 101, Producer Who Helped Shape Public Television

“A scion of a prominent German-Jewish family, Mr. Morgenthau was a son of President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s treasury secretary, a grandson of the U.S. ambassador to the Ottoman Empire under President Woodrow Wilson, the older brother of former Manhattan district attorney Robert M. Morgenthau, and a cousin of Pulitzer Prize-winning author Barbara W. Tuchman. … His years as a producer at WGBH in Boston, from 1955 to 1977, coincided with the birth of public television.”
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Stanley Kubrick, In Unearthed Video, Explains Ending Of ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’

The director always resisted giving any interpretation or explanation of the film’s final scene. But in a segment from an unaired Japanese television documentary shot in the late 1970s, Kubrick – reluctantly (“I’ve tried to avoid doing this ever since the picture came out”) – tells what he had in mind.
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Could Arabic Literature In Translation Be On The Verge Of A Breakout?

Hannah Johnson reports from a seminar on the topic at the New York Public Library, where publishers, agents, and other industry members were unusually eager for information.
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Saudi Arabia’s Now-Growing Art Scene Was Built By Women

“Despite many legal and bureaucratic challenges, Saudi women have been at the forefront of a growing cultural landscape. As a tsunami of government funding floods the Saudi Arabian cultural sector with the announcement this February of a planned $64 billion investment in the entertainment and cultural sector over the next decade, it is crucial that these waves of cash not wash away the legacy and achievements of these female pioneers.”
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Today’s highlights from AJBlogs 07.16.18

Communities Are Creative Our next entry comes from Micah Goldstein via new Creative Community Fellow Jane Wegscheider and is a great video about an annual event in their Western Massachusetts community. Jane writes: Micah Goldstein is an emerging videographer … read more AJBlog: Field Notes  Published 2018-07-16 Random facts about me that may surprise you I recently ran across a long-forgotten meme called “Random Facts About Yourself That May Surprise People” that I never got around to fi...
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MoviePass Stock Dives, Losing 26% Of Its Value

The issue has lost more than 98% of its value this year and has continued to decline in recent weeks in the wake of AMC’s launch on June 20 of a discount pricing program, allowing customers to see three movies a week for a $19.95 monthly fee. MoviePass has more than 3 million subscribers and allows customers the chance to see a movie a day for a monthly fee of $9.99. But Wall Street has been losing faith in whether MoviePass can survive by selling data about its customers and striking marketing ...
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How Science Is Building Better Dancers

The Royal Ballet is rich in tradition, but the company’s 97 dancers are now supported by a 17-strong team of sports science and healthcare experts. “Our facilities are now similar to those of a Premier League football club,” explains Gregory Retter, clinical director of ballet healthcare. “Strength, jumping, force attenuation, cardiovascular fitness, psychological wellbeing and nutrition; all support the dancer to be free to create artistic excellence. This is a completely new concept in dance.”...
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Is Economics Incompatible With Humanities?

Economics, Morson and Schapiro say, has three systematic biases: it ignores the role of culture, it ignores the fact that “to understand people one must tell stories about them,” and it constantly touches on ethical questions beyond its ken. Culture, stories, and ethics are things that can’t be reduced to equations, and economics accordingly has difficulty with them. Morson and Schapiro’s solution is to use the study of the humanities, and particularly of realist fiction, to broaden perspectives...
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“Boys In The Band” Becomes First Broadway Show Of This Season To Recoup Its Investment

Boys in the Band, a revival of Mart Crowley’s 1968 play about a group of New York gay men celebrating – or not – a birthday party, was, as usual, close to SRO, with paid attendance of 6,058 at 98% of capacity, for a total gross of $929,338, 97% of the $957K potential.
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Netflix Adds Only 600K Subscribers In Q2 And Its Stock Price Plunges

The company reported 670,000 streaming net adds domestically and 4.47 million internationally. Wall Street analysts expected 1.23 million net adds in the U.S. and 5.11 million overseas for the period (slightly higher that Netflix’s prior guidance).
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Assistant Director of Collections and Exhibitions, Chazen Museum of Art

The Assistant Director is a key member of the Museum’s senior management team, working in close collaboration with the Director in manifesting the organization’s mission. This position provides forward-thinking and dynamic leadership for the curatorial and exhibition programs. This new position comes at an important moment in the museum’s history. In 2017 the museum brought on a new Director, and this position is expected to be a partner in the realization of an ambitious and exciting vision for...
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Why Are We Condescending To Theatre Newbies? It’s Counterproductive

“The lesson here, if there is any: there is always the type of theatregoer that defines themselves by excluding others. You could write musicals, and they’ll still try to make you feel like you don’t belong. Don’t you dare let ‘em. You love theatre? You belong. Welcome.”
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Survey Suggests Pro-Brexit Voters Do Not Engage With Arts

“It’s not just that there’s a relationship between engagement in the arts and voting Remain at the area level: it looks like it’s particularly about attending cultural institutions, which must come as a challenge to the institutions themselves.”
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How Is It We Acquire A Taste For Something?

Whatever the answer to this question, the phenomenon is rife. Children are unlikely to appreciate a sip of beer. Yet a decade later they may relish the evening’s first pint. Somewhere between childhood and adulthood, they have acquired the beer-taste. Taste acquisition does not stop at beer and blizzards: consider coffee and classical music, olives and oysters.
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Why Does Cheap Architecture Have To Look So… Cheap? (Can Anything Be Done?)

The question is whether architecture and design could do anything to alleviate walmartism. It is difficult because there is a kind of Heisenberg Paradox at work here: the moment designers try to intervene, even if they do so pro bono, the result almost inevitably becomes more expensive. Anything that differentiates, softens, or responds to the human body, costs money.
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So Why Did Amazon Price My Book At $2630.52?

“Zowie,” the romance author Deborah Macgillivray wrote on Twitter last month after she discovered copies of her 2009 novel, “One Snowy Knight,” being offered for four figures. One was going for “$2,630.52 & FREE Shipping,” she noted. Since other copies of the paperback were being sold elsewhere on Amazon for as little as 99 cents, she was perplexed.
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Why The Ancient Library Of Alexandria Still Lives High In Our Imaginations

The Library of Alexandria is so embedded in our cultural canon that it remains a broadly known and admired institution. Its shadow lingers over the world of scholarship, despite the fact that the library was completely destroyed nearly 2,000 years ago leaving no physical trace behind, including, scholars believe, not a single scroll.
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History’s Most Dangerous Dances

The notion that dancing is dangerous and subversive is actually deep-rooted and wide-ranging. Throughout history, international dances have inflamed passions and come under Puritanical fire.
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Canadian Indigenous Leaders Criticize Another Robert LePage Production

In an open letter first published by Quebec newspaper Le Devoir Saturday morning, a group of Indigenous actors, writers, activists and artists from across the province said they are fed up “of hearing other people tell our stories.” Lepage’s new production, Kanata, aims to tell “the story of Canada through the prism of relations between whites and Indigenous people.” It is being staged in Paris in December.
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How A Vancouver Family Turned Out A Generation Of Star Pianists

Jon Kimura Parker, Jamie Parker, Ian Parker, and Liz Parker are siblings and cousins. All three Parker pianists have garnered praise for their recordings as well as their performances across North America and beyond. How did the Parkers of Vancouver manage to produce a generation of musicians that has left such a discernible mark on the world of classical piano? On a practical level, it boiled down to a family discipline.
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How The UK Government Proposes To Treat Culture Post-Brexit

The UK, it states, will always be a country that “advocates cultural diversity as part of its global identity and is committed to ensuring its support of European culture”. It proposes a “culture and education accord” that provides for UK participation in EU programmes and “allows UK institutions to be partners, associates or advisers” to EU projects and vice versa.
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How A Gender-Parity Campaign Led To An Irish Theatre Revolution

There’s no big stick here. The policy shifts have been enthusiastically and widely embraced and have been led by theatre companies themselves, in response to the #WakingTheFeminists movement and its research. WTF was responding to a distinctly male programme for the 2016 Waking the Nation initiative at the Abbey, and it woke a sleeping beast of its own, protesting against the lack of representation of women in theatre, the outcome of which has been real.
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Sports And Pop Music Make Fortunes From Merchandise Sales. Why Not The Arts?

Merchandising? Virtually non existent but for a few big museum gift shops that contribute something to the bottom line. Many organizations make a half hearted attempt to sell shirts or calendars with the organization or artist logo at live performances, but it is an anemic exercise at best.
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More Than Half Of UK Parents Allow Their Kids To Play 18+ Video Games

The survey noted that parents allow their children to play these PEGI 18 titles “without supervision or knowledge of the game beforehand.”  The survey, found by GamaSutra, also revealed that 86% of respondents don’t pay attention to the ratings assigned to games. Many parents surveyed feel differently about film ratings, as only 23% responded that they don’t concern themselves over film age restrictions.
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Why “Follow Your Passion” Is Bad Advice

The term “Follow your passion” has increased ninefold in English books since 1990. “Find something you love to do and you’ll never have to work a day in your life” is another college-counseling standby of unknown provenance. But according to psychologist Carol Dweck and others, that advice is steering people wrong.
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Avid Portland Patrons Tell Theatres: If You Don’t Pay Workers Minimum Wage We’re Not Buying Tickets

“Are you putting on a show with your friends, or are you hiring. If you have a company and have one or two people on staff, you cannot not pay other people. What we’re really saying is: Professional theater companies have to honor the law, or else we can’t honor them.”
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Apple Music Overtakes Spotify as Biggest Music Subscription Service

Apple Music’s growth accelerated past Spotify’s, and now, for the first time, Apple has pulled ahead. According to a report from Digital Music News last week, Apple Music has become the top on-demand streaming music service in the U.S. in terms of users. (The exact user numbers weren’t released.) Both apps have roughly 20 million U.S.-based subscribers, but Apple Music now has the upper hand.
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Superheros Are Thriving At The Movies. But In The Comic Books… Not So Much

Today’s comics sell one-tenth the numbers Marvel expected in the 1960s and 1970s glory days when comic books were cheaper than candy bars and just as easy to find at the nation’s newsstands, corner markets and drugstores. Now, a new comic book costs $4-$6 and the only shelves they reach are at the 2,500 comic book specialty shops doing business in the U.S. and Canada — and even that number is in decline as stores
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