PlayStation Controller Mug

Coffee and tea mug features a handle that looks Sony PlayStation controller. TeaStation: Sony PlayStation video game console inspired controller mug. Also check out: PlayStation Controller Table
Tags: Tech

Read More Bookcase

Clever bookcase shelving system made out of modules that look like different letters encourages reading and creative display of books. Real More Bookcase designed by Saporiti. Write and Read with furniture! Also check out: Alphabet Bookcase
Tags: Tech

Game of Thrones Dragon Lamp

3D Printed light and fire breathing Dragon lamp inspired by the final season of the Game of Thrones television show. “Dragon Lamp” designed and made by Kvant for Game of Thrones fans. Also check out: Game of Thrones Dragon Bench
Tags: Design, Tech

Elephant Wall Plugs

Creative electrical outlet attachment will add small Elephant to your bedroom. Elephant in the ROOM wall plugs designed by Gal Bulka and Idan Noyberg. Elephant in the ROOM Also check out: Solar Powered Window Socket
Tags: Design, Tech, Gal Bulka, Idan Noyberg

Tilted Vase

Clever optical illusion vase appears to be tilting to one side and is about to fall. Imbalanced vase designed by Jean Marc Gady breaks the laws of gravity. Also check out: Liquid Vases
Tags: Design, Tech, Jean Marc Gady

Rainbow Book Chair

Folding chair decorated with rainbow colors opens and closes like a book. Rainbow book chair made by Chen Liu out of soft layers of yoga mats. Also check out: Bookcase Lounge Chai
Tags: Design, Tech

Game of Thrones Chess

Wooden chess set features characters from the Game of Thrones TV show. Game of Thrones chess pieces hand-carved out of wood by Chesslania. Also check out: Paper Game of Thrones
Tags: Design, Inspiration

Hippo Sofa

Animal inspired sofa designed to look like realistic life-sized hippopotamus. Hippopotamus sofa handcrafted out of steel frame covered in leather-like polyurethane that feels like hairless hippo skin. Priced at only $95,000. Also check out: Octopus Chai
Tags: Design, Inspiration

Yoga Business Cards

Interactive fold out business cards inspired by physical exercises and yoga. Creative business cards designed by Prasanth G for Atul Sharma yoga teacher in New Delhi, India. Also check out: 24 Unusual Business Cards
Tags: Design, Inspiration

Spoon Holder Mug

Ceramic mug with integrated holder that prevents the spoon from sliding and moving around when you drink your tea or coffee. NOTA spoon holder tea and coffee mug designed by Scott Lee Hae Seung. Also check out: Tea Bag Holder Mug
Tags: Design, Tech, Nota, Scott Lee Hae Seung

Wooden Clutch Purse

Beautiful and creative bags with magnetic clasps handcrafted out of wood. Origami inspired wooden clutch purses made by Tesler Mendelovitch. Also check out: Paper Clip Handbag
Tags: Design, Inspiration, Tesler Mendelovitch

Hidden Shelf

Books floating in mid air optical illusion created using invisible bookshelf. Hidden bookshelf, vase holder, and picture frame holder designed by YOY. Also check out: Magnetic Floating Table
Tags: Design, Tech

Arnold Stool

Iconic stool designed to look like oversized head of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Arnold Schwarzenegger chair made by Harow out of reinforced fiberglass. Also check out: Meditation Chai
Tags: Design, Inspiration, Harow, Arnold Stool, Arnold Schwarzenegger Arnold Schwarzenegger

Game of Thrones Coffee

Dragon inspired coffee art created for the fans of Game of Thrones TV show. Celebrate the final season with Game of Thrones coffee latte. Available for a limited time at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf restaurants in Malaysia. Also check out: 3D Coffee Art
Tags: Design, Inspiration, Malaysia, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

Plant Sticks

Metal sticks made of brass help support and shape the growth of house plants. Give structure to your plants with “Fruitsuper Plant Sticks” from Poketo. Also check out: Transparent Plante
Tags: Design, Tech, Plant Sticks, Fruitsuper Plant Sticks, Poketo Also

Potato Hotel

Unique hotel located in Boise, Idaho looks like a giant potato in the middle of 400 acres of beautiful farm land. Big Idaho Potato Hotel created by Kristie Wolfe. Can be rented on Airbnb. Also check out: Airplane Hotel
Tags: Design, Inspiration, BOISE Idaho, Idaho Potato Hotel

Cat Treadmill

Miniature treadmill designed for cats and small dogs will help your pet stay in perfect physical shape. Cat Treadmill exercise machine designed by Korean company Pet Ding. Wheel shaped treadmill features LED light that overweight cat will chase.  Also check out: Treadmill Bike
Tags: Design, Tech

Bread Pillows

Creative food inspired pillows designed to look like realistic loaves of bread. Soft plush bread pillows look real enough to eat. Sleep on a loaf of bread and have wonderful food dreams. [more info] Also check out: Creative Bread Packaging
Tags: Design, Inspiration

Beetle Tricycle Library

Mobile library powered by a bicycle travels around China and encourages children to read books. Beetle Library designed by Luo Yujie and Lu Zhuojian of Luo Studio. Also check out: Phone Booth Library
Tags: Design, China, Tech, Luo Yujie, Lu Zhuojian

Silicon Valley Statues

Classic sculptures of popular founders of internet and technology companies. “The Beginning of the End” sculptures created by Sebastian Errazuriz on display May 1 to May 24 at the Elizabeth Collective in New York. Jeff Bezos – Amazon Mark Zuckerberg – Facebook Sergey Brin – Google Elon Musk – Tesla Steve Jobs – Apple Also […]
Tags: Design, Inspiration, Sebastian Errazuriz, Silicon Valley Statues

Game of Thrones 3D Wood Maps

Beautiful three-dimensional maps of land from Game of Thrones television show crafted out of wood. Wooden Game of Thrones maps feature 3D terrain engraved with locations and thousands of intricate details from the TV show. [more info] Also check out: Disney Game of Thrones
Tags: Design, Inspiration

Paper Camera

Detailed replica of a camera with detachable lens and flash made of paper. Paper Camera Kit handcrafted by South Korean design studio Dotmot. Also check out: Camera Made of Chocolate
Tags: Design, Tech

Folding Wooden Ladder

Space-saving ladder folds in itself for easy thin storage and flat transportation. The Corner Ladder – innovative folding wooden ladder made by CO&CO. Also check out: Ladder Mirro
Tags: Design, Tech

Realistic Polar Bears

Giant toy animals that look alive created out of advanced synthetic materials. Polar Bears with realistic fur, eyes, teeth, bone structure, paws and claws designed by ANIMALS AS ART. Also check out: Zip Ties Polar Bea
Tags: Design, Inspiration

Fighting Hornet Fire Pit

Creative wood burner designed as a birthday gift for the fan of The Hornets football team looks like realistic giant fighting hornet. The Fighting Hornet Fire Pit handcrafted out of steel by Burned by Design. Also check out: Death Star Fire Pit
Tags: Design, Tech, The Hornets

Giraffe Measuring Tape

Creative measuring tape designed to look like giraffe with long extending neck. Miss Meter – yellow giraffe measuring tape for cool schools and fun offices. Also check out: Office Desk Bed
Tags: Design, Tech

Origami Sofa

Modern sofa unfolds like paper and becomes completely flat for easy storage. Origami Sofa designed for small and efficient apartments by Yumi Yoshida. Also check out: Carpet Furniture
Tags: Design, Tech, Yumi Yoshida

Game of Thrones Socks

Creative socks designed to look like the faces and heads of main characters from the Game of Thrones television show. Arya Stark, Jon Snow, Khaleesi, and Tyrion Lannister Game of Thrones watch party socks made by TrollSocks. Also check out: Paper Game of Thrones
Tags: Design, Inspiration

Octopus Typewriter

Recycled 1938 Underwood typewriter turned into unique Octopus sculpture. “Octopus Typewriter” mechanical sculpture created by Courtney Brown. Also check out: Chromatic Typewrite
Tags: Design, Tech, Underwood, Courtney Brown

Cat Laptop

Scratching toy laptop with computer mouse that looks like the real animal. Cat Scratch Laptop – computer shaped scratching mat designed for cats in modern world. Made out of cardboard. Scratchy gift for your nerdy cat. Also check out: Armor for Cats and Mice
Tags: Design, Tech