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Rod+Perf Stool/Table

The Rod+Perf Stool/Table is a beautifully designed, foot-and-a-half tall, steel addition to any living space—and it comes in nine different colors. Its multi-functionality is rooted in its simplicity; it’s sturdy enough to be a stool, tall enough to be a side table, and designed with a perforated top to be the perfect plant holder. Just kept away from humid or wet conditions—the steel frame will …
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100+ Miles on Norco’s Optic C2 Mountain Bike

Test riding an understated bicycle that's ready for anything Founded in 1964 in Northern Vancouver (aka The North Shore), Norco is a humble Canadian brand that makes mountain bikes that are up to the challenge. The North Shore is thought to be the birthplace of free-ride mountain biking and is, without question, home to some of the gnarliest trails in the world, giving Norco a …
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Cat Power feat. Lana Del Rey: Woman

The final song recorded for—and the second song released from—Cat Power’s forthcoming album Wanderer, “Woman” floods the ears with a bluesy beating heart. Lana Del Rey guests on the track, underlining Chan Marshall’s mantra-like repetition of identity. Visuals come from Greg Hunt, and focus on several beautiful performances of the song. The album will be the first release from Marshall in six years—and all early indicators …
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Jean-Michel Cousteau: Ambassador of the Oceans

"Diversity is synonymous with stability."
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Detroit Design Festival Grows to Month-Long Extravaganza

In 2015, Detroit was anointed as the first-ever UNESCO City of Design in the United States. This honor pertains to their astounding past and the continued revitalization coursing through the Motor City as we speak. In celebration of the award and the abundant creative energy, Detroit Design Core has expanded the Detroit Design Festival from one week’s worth of activities to an entire month of events, competitions …
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Sade: Kiss of Life (KAYTRANADA Remix)

Just about everything DJ/producer KAYTRANADA (aka Louis Kevin Celestin) touches turns to glittery gold, so it’s no surprise that his remix of Sade‘s sublime “Kiss of Life” is a bop. The song (from 1992’s Love Deluxe) has been given KAYTRANADA’s signature infectious, dance-floor-ready touch—which doesn’t take away from the original’s groove. He also shared a rework of A Tribe Called Quest‘s “Midnight” (from 1993’s Midnight Marauders) as well as …
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Project F.L.X. at Levi’s Design Studio in DTLA

"That canvas, for generations, has been the ultimate form of self-expression."
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Glacier White Toothbrush

After releasing all-black and rose-colored brushes, Goby has just introduced an all-white (referred to as “Glacier White”) edition. The brush will come with all the same features: long-lasting battery, session timer, speed variations, and lifetime guarantee.
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Rethinking Pittsburgh’s Public Space with Bae Bae’s Greenhouse

"We really feel we’re not taking anything away from the city, but that we’re giving back"
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A Pizza-Making Vending Machine Popped Up in Japan

Italy, the mecca of slow-cooking and pizza perfectionism, drove the first iteration of the pizza vending machine out of town—Claudio Torghele’s Let’s Pizza. Now, the Japanese version, Pizza Self, has appeared outside of a video rental store in Hiroshima. A pizza will set you back around ¥980 (around $9 USD) and, in five minutes, it makes a Neapolitan-style margherita or quattro formaggio pizza, then boxes and …
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Locksley: Black Ajax

From Forward, the first full-length album released by NYC-based Locksley in nine years, “Black Ajax” marries many beloved indie-rock styles from the last decade to great effect. It’s a bit flashy, a bit rollicking and undeniably catchy from the beginning. As for the 15-track album, it’s really a compilation of work from years’ worth of their recordings that never made it onto other albums, assembled …
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All the Magical, Technical Benefits of Vollebak’s Graphene Jacket

For the first time, a brand has been able to turn the notoriously difficult to work with, aerospace revolutionizing material, graphene into a piece of consumer outerwear. The thin, expensive graphite-derived matter is very hard to produce and manipulate—especially in large quantities. But London-based Vollebak has utilized it for their $695 reversible jacket—and it’s stunning. The material make it capable of “absorbing heat and then …
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How Hacker-Craft Sport Boats Inspire Buick’s New Avenir Cars

Our factory visit digs in to the essence of boat-building and how it informs auto design In a warehouse at the northernmost end of Lake George in upstate New York, Jeff Brown walks the length of what will become a 27-foot Hacker-Craft sport boat. Although it’s only a skeleton right now, the mahogany ribs will soon be planked, varnished, and fitted with a motor and …
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Bedtime Tea Dog Treats

Bocce’s Bakery makes small-batch dog treats using locally sourced, 100% natural ingredients. Founder, Andrea Tovar, decided to make healthier snacks after reevaluating her dog Bocce’s health and diet; finding that the preservative-plagued treats she had been giving him weren’t helping with his weight problem. These new Bedtime Tea treats are made from banana, lavender, vanilla and oats—and ensure pooches (and pet parents) rest easy.
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Premiere: “Hard Love” by Julietta

Going galactic in the latest music video from the pop performer A collage of brilliant bits from the known universe—including galactic star-scapes and jungle flora—the latest music video from Brooklyn’s Julietta, “Hard Love” melts and pops with decisive delight. In the track, breathy vocals drift atop a bright beat supported by guitar, drums and synths. All the while, the tight production acts as an invitation to …
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The Tricky Expectations of the Photographer/Subject Relationship

15″Even the language with which we describe the medium—’take’ someone’s picture, ‘capture’ him, ‘shoot’ them—implies a fraught process with an inherent power imbalance. Over the years, photographers have reconsidered what they owe the people in their frames,” Alina Stein writes in her thoughtful piece about photographers and their subjects. The relationship between the two is tricky—both morally and monetarily. For example, compensation for subjects is …
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An Atypical NYC Souvenir Pop-Up, Open This Week

The shop will feature anecdotal totes and t-shirts In the heart of NYC’s Chinatown, a tiny pop-up shop hosted by Verdes (a marketing and innovation consultancy with offices on Canal St) will sell customized New York City souvenirs for the next five days. Known as Today in New York, aka TINY, the store aims to compete with generic tourist buys (like NYPD shirts or I Heart NY …
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MOORS feat. Tune-Yards: Mango

If “Mango” affirms anything, it’s that Lakeith Stanfield has mastered more than one craft. The track sees the acclaimed actor partnering with music producer HH (Hrishikesh Hirway), under the moniker MOORS, and the result is electrifying. tUnE-yArDs features on the song, amplifying the magnetism and underlining the strange magic of it all. Visual artist ruffmercy directed the video, which incorporates pop art visual manipulation that truly …
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Word of Mouth: Asbury Park

New Jersey's dynamic coastal destination in the midst of a cultural resurgence by Caitlin Leonard Lovingly referred to as “the Shore,” New Jersey’s coast is home to some of the most beautiful beaches within driving distance of NYC. From Sandy Hook to Cape May, the Shore is lined with many resort towns worthy of exploration, but none are experiencing a renaissance like Asbury Park—a small, quirky …
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BW-Space Underwater Drone

Youcan Robot’s BW-Space is a the ideal accessory for any level underwater explorer. The drone is outfitted with a 4K camera, autonomous and piloted control features, and LED light settings. The drone does not come with the Control Remote, but the unit features an autopilot mode and auto-tracking for subjects the 4K, UHD camera recognizes as the focal point.
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Listen Up

From mind-bending Aphex Twin to a sublime song by Diana Gordon, plenty of new music this week Aphex Twin: T69 Collapse From digitally-dressed Cornish architecture to throbbing manipulations of space and time, the Weirdcore-directed music video for Aphex Twin’s brilliant “T69 Collapse” swirls together various realities. As a visual accompaniment to the new track, it’s a true rhythmic partner. As a stand-alone work of art, …
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Link About It: This Week’s Picks

What makes a summer jam, how lava lamps fight hackers, AI for newsrooms and more Ada Chen’s Stereotype-Fighting Jewelry Calling out fetishization, objectification and ingrained racism, jewelry designer Ada Chen combines style and sharp humor to create pieces that are super-smart and super-creative. Chen (who is Chinese-American) oftentimes uses her own experiences as inspiration, and the results are sometimes jarring and uncomfortable—which is, of course, …
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CDLP Launches Limited Edition Swimwear

Despite being known for their base layers, CDLP unveils two excellent pairs of swim shorts Today, Stockholm-based underwear experts CDLP—famous for perfecting the juxtaposition of Swedish design and Portuguese craftsmanship—launches a limited edition line of velvet and nylon swimwear in a campaign fronted by Jay Alvarrez and shot by CDLP’s co-founder and filmmaker, Christian Larson. Alvarrez can be seen posing nonchalantly, with the same vibe that CDLP …
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Not Your Average Snack: Wilde Brand Chicken Chips

The meatier, healthier alternative to traditional chips Truly healthy snacks can be hard to discern among the slew of healthy looking options. And once you find one that fits your diet or preferences they don’t promise to satisfy the desire that snacking commands. The latest snack that satisfies that indescribable indulgence is Wilde Brand Chicken Chips. They’re flakey chips made from 100% premium cuts of chicken with …
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Test Drive: Lamborghini’s Huracan Performante Spyder

A study in power, composition, and elegance—to orchestral effect If you’re in the market for a new best friend, it could be worth checking out the $308,859 Lamborghini Huracan Performante Spyder. Like a loyal companion, it builds you up, encourages you to take chances, and convinces you that you’re a better driver than you really are. You feel fantastic when you’re together.  But to Alessandro …
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“Tomboy” Pajama Set

Made in DTLA from deadstock fabrics, Evewear makes sweet sleepwear that’s also eco-friendly. The “Tomboy” set (available in gray or blue colorways) includes ruffled shorts and a baseball jersey-style top—complete with heart-shaped buttons. Super-comfortable and sustainable, these pajamas will encourage a good night’s sleep.
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Perseid Meteor Shower Promises 75 Shooting Stars an Hour

On Sunday and Monday night, the Perseid Meteor shower will peak, and during these peak nights, there will be an upward of 75 shooting stars an hour. Conditions like clouds or urban light or pollution may prohibit your view, but scientists suggest setting up early and avoiding phones—your eyes can take an upwards of 20 minutes to adjust to the dark sky. The show, as …
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Summer Songs Find Popularity in Diversity

There are endless “Summer Hits” playlists and oftentimes their decade—or specific year—of release can be pinned down without even checking the title. As with the Backstreet Boys and Britney—there is a similar, or familiar, sound. But, in a new interactive guide from the New York Times, hope for diversity in popular hits returns. Songs like Drake’s “Nice For What” or Cardi B’s “I Like It,” …
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Brilliant Wine Born From Strange Weather: Cheval des Andes 2014 Vintage

An almost-calamitous change in climate led to a vibrant, elegant and unique blend After visiting the 35-hectare Cheval des Andes estate a few years ago—just outside of Mendoza, Argentina—we have been anticipating their 2014 vintage. This elegant red wine is unlike almost any other, thanks to the year’s odd climate. It’s also the first vintage that Lorenzo Pasquini (Technical Manager and Winemaker at Cheval des Andes) worked on. The result …
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Tyler, The Creator + Kali Uchis: See You Again

Tyler, The Creator has just released the self-directed (under moniker Wolf Haley) video accompaniment to Scum Fuck Flower Boy standout “See You Again,” featuring Kali Uchis.  The video is a jubilant, cinematic portrayal of the song’s duality—loud but carefully orchestrated. Though the song isn’t new, the video breathes new life into the tune that dropped just over a year ago; and, as the first minute of …
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