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Nomadic Distillery Amass Launches its First Gin

An exploration of LA’s spirit scene has led to a delicious tipple Unlike most spirit brands, Amass is taking a nomadic approach: opting to travel from city to city, working with preferred distillers on small-batches of premium spirits. The brand’s first release, a gin from Los Angeles, was crafted by Morgan McLachlan, co-founder of The Spirit Guild. McLachlan had a hand in every step of the gin’s …
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Tom Dixon Releases In-House Developed Marbled Material

Resembling three-dimensional marbled paper, but with the weight of stone, Swirl is a new material developed by Tom Dixon Studio. It made its debut at Parisian design fair Maison & Objet, in the form of bookends, candleholders and more. Dixon says that the mysterious material comes from the marble industry’s recycled, powdered residue which is then poured and cut. Read more at Dezeen.
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Foals: Exits

Drawn from Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost—Part 1, the first of two albums Foals will release this year, “Exits” delivers a blistering blend of guitar, drum and electronic. A musical play between power and allure, the track comes with an otherworldly Albert Moya-directed music video. From fencing and blindfolds to a man on fire and a child rowing off in a lake, surrealist imagery collides with some …
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Interview: Postalco Co-Founder, Mike Abelson

I just feel like having less and less, but I really want to love the things I have
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Neapolitan Ring 2

An unconventional take on the classic signet ring, Seb Brown’s Neapolitan Ring 2 is crafted from nine carat yellow gold and an assortment of semi-precious stones—all of which can be selected upon purchase. This one features Australian blue sapphire, pink and yellow sapphires, a tsavorite garnet and turquoise—creating a colorful and textured piece. Each ring by the Melbourne-based jeweler is handmade to order.
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Twelve Spectacular New Wristwatches

Complex, eye-catching and cutting-edge timepieces Be they circles, rectangles or squares, the cases for the 12 watches below contain extraordinary advancements in watchmaking. Each of these selections made their debut during this year’s luxury trade show Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie Genève (SIHH) and they barely scrape the surface of innovation in an industry often thought of as antiquated in comparison to an ever-expanding smartwatch market. …
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Ambar Lucid: Eyes

Ambar Lucid’s “Eyes” is a hazy, dreamy piece of bedroom pop first released  on dreaming lucid, and now accompanied by a lo-fi video. With vocals that seem beyond her 18 years, the song—like all good love songs—evokes both melancholy and euphoria. 
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Serenity Redefined at Bhutan’s Remote Gangtey Lodge

12 suites, innumerable amenities and tranquility in the once-hidden Phobjikha Valley At Gangtey Lodge, guests feel ever so far away. More than three hours from the capital city of Thimphu, along the National Highway and ultimately beyond the single road that leads into the once-hidden, glacial-carved Phobjikha Valley, the 12-room property nestles into the farmland. Here, potatoes, herbs and turnips grow. And the black-necked crane of …
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Stone Diffuser

Vitruvi’s classic stone diffusers now come in three earthy coloways inspired by Tuscany. Available in sage, teracotta and sand, these diffusers are handmade from porcelain and feature a matte finish which covers the ultrasonic technology within.
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Listen Up

Karen O teams up with Danger Mouse, new Panda Bear, a different direction for The Drums and more Karen O + Danger Mouse: Woman In conjunction with news of forthcoming joint album Prima Lux, Karen O and Danger Mouse share a raucous track titled “Woman.” An infectious, drum-driven pulse anchors the tune. Karen O shines, as always, but it’s a delightful blend of both artists—bringing out …
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Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Eavesdropping flowers, enormous digital photography, AI for medicine and more AI Diagnoses Genetic Disorders Using Facial Photos While doctors can identify genetic disorders with an accuracy between 70% and 75%, DeepGestalt—an AI project by FDNA—can do so with accuracy of 90% and over. By analyzing the face piece-by-piece, the system finds a corresponding disorder for that crop, moves on to the next and then pools the …
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Karen O + Danger Mouse: Woman

In conjunction with news of forthcoming joint album Prima Lux, Karen O and Danger Mouse share a raucous track titled “Woman.” An infectious, drum-driven pulse anchors the tune. Karen O shines, as always, but it’s a delightful blend of both artists—bringing out the best of their sonic evolutions. Prima Lux is set for a 15 March release, via BMG.
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Bringing Design to CES: A Look at Audi’s Booth Design

At an event where products take center stage, an excellent booth can steal the show Audi first decided to present at the Consumer Electronics Show eight years ago, and was the first auto manufacturer to do so. This year at the show the entire North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center was dedicated to automotive, with many brands choosing to exhibit there over the flagship …
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Richard Mille’s Sweets-Inspired Bonbon Wristwatch Collection

Lollipops, licorice, kiwis and strawberries atop a line of playful, hand-painted timepieces Behind the kaleidoscopic colors of Richard Mille‘s candy- and fruit-inspired Bonbon Collection shines the technical mastery for which the Swiss luxury watch brand has become known. Those cotton-candy pinks hail from explorations of enamel and acrylics, the polished candy-cane swirls are possible thanks to hand-painting and the frame-like cases (which cast the artworks into relief) are …
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Bloom Farms Launches CBD Line and Continued Charitable Effort

The high-quality purveyor of cannabis flower and cartridges turns to CBD Oakland, California-based Bloom Farms is a widely acclaimed purveyor of cannabis flower and concentrate cartridges. But, being widely acclaimed in the industry can only get a brand so far—cannabis is only legal, medicinally or recreationally, in a handful of states. CBD, however, is legal in all states and the recently passed amendment to the …
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Smart Products Abound at CES 2019

From mirrors to coffee machines, assistants are migrating into nearly every product At this year’s CES, countless products on display promoted their assisted capabilities. Last year’s show delivered us the first glimpses of virtual assistants embedded into everyday devices, but 2019 previewed the phenomenon’s mainstreaming—Google Assistant in a mirror, Amazon’s Alexa taking queries from inside your toilet and more. There is valid skepticism about the possibility of …
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Holly + Kit Rug

Available in three sizes, the Holly + Kit rug from Cold Picnic is made from 100% wool yarn weaved onto a 100% cotton woven backing. With a delightful abstract design dominated by olive green, the medium height pile rug will add a little spirit to any room.
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Parachute’s First-Ever Mattress

The bedding company creates an option without foam or latex Venice Beach, CA-based Parachute got its start in 2014 with a desire to make bedding better. They did so by manufacturing percale, sateen and linen sheets in Portugal, all Oeko-Tex certified (meaning they test free of harmful substances and chemicals), at a direct-to-consumer price. Since sheets, Parachute has followed a natural trajectory, expanding into the bathroom, …
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Testing ZF’s Autonomous Ride-Hailing Taxi

We try out a robo-taxi at CES, and learn where the industry really is at on the road to autonomous lifts As Silicon Valley and the car industry continue to converge, we’re seeing an increasing presence of autonomous cars at the Consumer Electronics Show, including an autonomous robo-taxi that we caught a ride in this year. The ZF Autonomous Ride-Hailing Taxi is a prototype that’s meant …
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Daste: Sober

Fusing lo-fi funk with wavy alternative, Daste’s “Sober” is an ode to giving someone your undivided attention. The Australian trio (signed to Mammal Sounds) may not be referencing drugs or alcohol, but rather the millions of other distractions that invade intimate situations. “I know you’re feeling like I’m in my head all the time / Cause when you tell me about your day-to-day I don’t …
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URWERK’s AMC Tabletop Atomic Clock + Wristwatch

New technology provides unprecedented accuracy, for a price of $2.7 million, from the independent Swiss horology brand For all the time-telling pieces on hand during Geneva’s Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie Genève (SIHH), nothing comes close to independent Swiss watch brand URWERK‘s 55-pound desk clock, the AMC (Atomic Master Clock). This portable atomic clock cradles its partner—a mechanical wristwatch—which it then pairs with, adjusts, winds and regulates the balance rate (taking …
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Nor’easter Sweater

Crafted using materials from New York (and manufactured there too) Best Made Company’s Nor’easter Sweater is made from burly, dye-free wool. This one in particular, in a unique shade, is made from a yarn that combines brown Corriedale and dark brown Romney sheep’s wool. By partnering with Battenkill Fibers and New York Textile Lab, Best Made ensures that the product is delicately crafted and cared for in …
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Loyle Carner feat. Rebel Kleff + Kiko Bun: You Don’t Know

Loyle Carner (aka Benjamin Coyle-Larner) moonlights as an observant server, bartender, security guard and cab driver in the video for “You Don’t Know.” Watching over his mother (played by his real-life mom) as she goes on a few dates—some good and some not so. Throughout, Carner raps about his own dating fears—particularly losing trust and love as time goes on. It’s a clever and sweet …
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Flowers Are Eavesdropping

According to a new study, plants can “hear” when a bee passes and they subsequently create more sweet nectar to attract them. A recent study by scientists at three Tel-Aviv University schools has found that a plant picks up sounds (signaled by the vibration of its petals) and responds (signaled by the excretion of additional nectar). With proof that the flowers responded to all of the …
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This Photo of Shanghai is Made of 195,000 Megapixels

Shot from 750+ feet above the city, this 360-degree panorama by BigPixel is made from 195,000 megapixels—for reference, the new Google Pixel shoots at 12.3 megapixels. Since it is one of the most detailed photos ever taken, viewers can zoom from the perch it was taken from all the way down to street-level where faces and license plates can be seen clearly. Though the photo …
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Electric Mobility Innovation at CES 2019

Beyond cars, some of our favorite one- and two-wheel vehicles At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the attendees were hovering, around many major car brands’ electric vehicles and the numerous future-fantasy aircrafts on show. Audi and Mercedes-Benz unveiled theirs, while Nissan debuted a revision of an earlier debut, and Bell collaborated with Uber. But, some of the most practical innovations on exhibition this year plan to solve …
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Form Study in Blue Sheet Set

Available for all sized beds (from twin to California king) these hand-dripped sheets are part of Flaneur’s Color Study Series. Made from 100% Supima cotton, the sheets are crafted from the finest materials and incredibly close attention is paid from the set’s rawest form to its final weaving, construction and beyond. Dyed one piece at a time, each product in the set is carefully colored and the …
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Ulysse Nardin’s Erotic, Oceanic “Classico Manara” Collection

Italian cartoonist Milo Manara partners with the luxury watch brand for a 10-piece line There’s a torrid history of erotica in watch design. From graphic automatons on dials to hidden (or obvious) hyper-sexual imagery, the time-telling industry has toyed with sexual iconography for centuries. Last year, at Richemont‘s Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie Genève (SIHH), acclaimed watchmaker Ulysse Nardin unveiled an orgiastic Jaquemart repeater—or a timepiece featuring …
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Agoria feat. Blasé: You’re Not Alone

Accompanied by a stunning video treatment directed by Latin Grammy Award-winner Hernan Corera, Agoria (aka Sebastien Devaud) releases a new single titled “You’re Not Alone,” featuring French singer Blasé. It’s an entrancing tune about promises between two people—and the distances they’ll go for one another. In the otherworldly video, the song acts as an appropriate soundtrack for a cross-desert ride, intimate moments between lovers and crowded, …
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Driving to the Arctic Circle in Mazda SUVs

Conquering threatening terrain and a race against time to experience this remote corner of the world A car in our caravan of Mazdas careened into a snow drift, the sun wouldn’t emerge for another 30 days, and we were still hours from Inuvik—the last Canadian city before the banks of the world’s northernmost ocean. Welcome to the Arctic Circle. Temperature: -22 Fahrenheit. The Mazda CX-5 …
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