Mac Miller – “Ayye” & “Back In The Day”

Back in the beginning of the year, the posthumous Mac Miller album Circles made it out into the world. Today is the tenth anniversary of Miller's breakthrough mixtape K.I.D.S., which featured some of his standout material from the beginning of his career. The occasion has led to another small bit of new music … More »
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Hear Prince’s Previously Unreleased “Witness 4 The Prosecution (Version 2)”

Prince fans have been eating well lately. We've been getting a steady stream of previously unreleased tracks since the late musician's estate announced a massive deluxe reissue of his 1987 double album Sign O' The Times back in June. And now, following "Witness 4 The Prosecution (Version 1)," "I Could Never … More »
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Partner – “Hello And Welcome”

It's been almost three years since the lovable Canadian duo/Band To Watch Partner released their debut album, In Search Of Lost Time. Since then, they've never gone away for long, whether it was last year's Saturday The 14th EP or having fun with a Rush cover. Back in … More »
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Rico Nasty – “iPhone” (Prod. Dylan Brady)

Rico Nasty first teased "iPhone," a song produced by 100 gecs' Dylan Brady, way back in November. When fans demanded its release, she said that she was trying to get Lil Uzi Vert to appear on it. Since then, Rico Nasty and Dylan Brady have collaborated on a remix … More »
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Elvis Costello – “We Are All Cowards Now”

Right before the pandemic hit, Elvis Costello travelled to Helsinki and recorded several songs alone in the studio, playing every instrument by himself. We've already heard two songs from that solo session, "No Flag" and "Hetty O'Hara Confidential." Today, he's shared the third and final bulletin from "the Helsinki Sound," a … More »
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Dua Lipa – “Levitating” (The Blessed Madonna Remix Feat. Madonna & Missy Elliott)

Dua Lipa released Future Nostalgia, a collection of killer dance-pop songs and one of the best albums of 2020 so far, earlier this year. And last week, she announced Club Future Nostalgia, a full-length remix album created in collaboration with the Blessed Madonna, the DJ and producer formerly known … More »
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Three Women Accuse Mark Kozelek Of Sexual Misconduct

Three women have come forward to accuse Mark Kozelek, the musician behind Sun Kil Moon and Red House Painters, of sexual misconduct. In a new investigative Pitchfork piece, these woman accuse Kozelek of different kinds of sexual assault and manipulation. More »
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Thurston Moore – “Another Day” (Galaxie 500 Cover)

Right now, we're in the midst of a whole series of Galaxie 500 covers. At the end of the month, the great New York dream-pop trio will release a vinyl reissue of their live album Copenhagen for Record Store Day. Galaxie 500 were going to get a big tribute show in Brooklyn to … More »
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Reunited Mr. Bungle Announce Their First Record In 21 Years, A Re-Recorded Version Of Their 1986 Thrash-Metal Demo

Before he joined Faith No More, Michael Patton was the singer for the Eureka, California avant-metal band Mr. Bungle. Patton kept Mr. Bungle going even after he'd found stardom with Faith No More, releasing some of the weirdest major-label music of the '90s. Mr. Bungle broke up in the early '00s, but they More »
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Alice Glass – “Nightmares”

NYC experimental electronic label Sermon 3 Recordings is celebrating its fourth birthday with Sermon 4 Anniversary, a compilation featuring the 83rd, DJ Deeon, Via App, NETER//MRTRU3LOV3, and more. It opens with a new track from Alice Glass, an intense churn of grinding digital noise that somehow sill manages to resemble a pop banger. More »
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Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World Is A 2010s Indie Rock Time Capsule

When Universal Pictures started the promotion cycle for Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, they clearly didn’t know which angle to push. To be fair, the movie has got a lot going on. Edgar Wright’s geeky action-comedy romance, an adaptation of Bryan Lee O’Malley’s graphic novel series, follows 22-year-old slacker Scott Pilgrim (Michael Cera) as he … More »
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Watch Ciara’s Striking Video For Her New Protest Song “Rooted”

A few weeks ago, Ciara gave birth to her son Win. Last night, she shared a video that she evidently recorded while she was very, very pregnant. Ciara's new song "Rooted" is a statement of Black pride, a clear statement of solidarity with the protest movement that's swept across America and the rest of the … More »
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Sufjan Stevens – “Video Game”

Next month, Sufjan Stevens will return with The Ascension, his first proper album since 2015's Carrie & Lowell. Stevens has already shared "America," the massive 12-minute closing song that perversely stands as the album's first single, as well as the non-album track "My Rajneesh." Today, Stevens has … More »
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Svalbard – “Listen To Someone”

The Bristol band Svalbard make a towering, beautiful, pummeling sound that doesn't really fit into any particular genre. They pull from hardcore, from shoegaze, from post-rock, and from black metal, and they transform all of it into a majestic, cathartic blur. Next month, the band is coming back with a new album called When I … More »
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Jill Scott To Star In Mahalia Jackson Biopic

R&B singer Jill Scott will star as Mahalia Jackson in Mahalia!, an upcoming biopic of the Queen Of Gospel. Deadline reports that Queen Latifah, Jamie Foxx, Shakim Compere, and Holly Carter are producing, with Richard Hocutt, Mark Gould, and Tricia Woodgett writing the script based a biography by Darlene Donloe. The film has … More »
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Watch Unearthed Video Of Lou Reed Joining John Mellencamp At A Small Bloomington Club In 1987

On the evening of September 17th, 1987, about 100 people showed up to the Bluebird night club in Bloomington, Indiana to see the local band Ragin' Texans. Instead, they ended up catching something much bigger: a surprise performance from John Mellencamp, Lou Reed, and John Prine. More »
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The Japanese House – “Dionne” (Feat. Justin Vernon)

Last year, the English musician Amber Bain released Good At Falling, her debut full-length as the Japanese House, which was full of slick and dreamy pop songs that paid off the promise of Bain's early EPs. Today, she's returning to the format she started out with with a new EP called Chewing Cotton Wool. It … More »
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Bartees Strange – “Boomer”

Bartees Strange has been around for a couple years now, releasing genre-fluid and often not-quite-classifiable music. Earlier this year, he embarked on a unique project, releasing Say Goodbye To Pretty Boy, an EP featuring only covers of the National. (He followed it up with a couple more.) Maybe it … More »
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Future Islands – “Thrill”

The Far Field, the most recent album from the beloved Baltimore synth-pop outfit Future Islands, arrived back in the spring of 2017. Though the band kept busy in the years since, it was beginning to feel like we were about due for another album -- especially once they debuted a bunch … More »
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Marie Davidson & L’Œil Nu – “Renegade Breakdown”

The Montreal musician Marie Davidson has been making dance music for the better part of a decade, most recently with 2018's Working Class Woman, which was grounded by the stunning breakout single "Work It." Today, she's announcing a new full-length album called Renegade Breakdown, and it's attributed to Marie Davidson & … More »
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Cardi B Is On OnlyFans Now

"Man, we should sell that porn." That was Cardi B, rapping on the Migos track "Motor Sport," way back in 2017. Today, Cardi is once again a topic of a whole lot of conversation thanks to her extremely horny new single "WAP." And so it only makes sense that Cardi has … More »
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Bully – “Prism”

The third Bully album, SUGAREGG, comes out next week. We've heard a handful of songs from it already -- "Where To Start," "Every Tradition," and "Hours And Hours" -- and today Alicia Bognanno is sharing one more before the whole thing is out in full. More »
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Bruce Hornsby – “Anything Can Happen” (Feat. Leon Russell)

In a few days, Bruce Hornsby will release a new album called Non-Secure Connection. It'll feature a whole lot of collaborators, mostly from younger generations. Justin Vernon and Brad Cook, two people who have done a lot of work with Hornsby in recent years, add production, though Hornsby did most of that himself. And we've … More »
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Anjimile – “Baby No More”

Last month, the Boston-based musician Anjimile announced his debut album, Giver Taker, with the wonderful "Maker." Today, we're getting the album's second single, "Baby No More," a groovy track that builds and builds as Anjimile braces for a necessary break-up because of all his own problems. "Scary, what I done and might do/ … More »
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Nick Cave Says That Political Correctness “Embodies All The Worst Aspects That Religion Has To Offer”

You will probably not be shocked to learn that Nick Cave, a 62-year-old white male artist whose work has been digging into dark human obsessions for decades, is not especially fond of the idea of "cancel culture." Cave said as much in his Red Hand Files newsletter earlier this year, when … More »
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Nick Cave Addresses “Cancel Culture”

You will probably not be shocked to learn that Nick Cave, a 62-year-old white male artist whose work has been digging into dark human obsessions for decades, is not especially fond of the idea of "cancel culture." Cave said as much in his Red Hand Files newsletter earlier this year, when … More »
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Drew Citron – “Summertime”

Drew Citron's most recent project is Public Practice, the jittery Brooklyn band who put out their debut album a couple months back. The New York mainstay is also one-half of the indie pop band Beverly. Today, she's announcing her debut solo album, Free Now, which was written following her breakup with ex-Beverly bandmate … More »
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Knot – “Horse Trotting, The Feet Not Touching The Ground”

Last month, the former members of Krill announced they were reforming (and expanding their lineup) as a new band called Knot. Their self-titled debut is out at the end of the month, and so far we've heard two tracks from it, "Foam" and "The World." Today, the quartet returns … More »
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Blue Hawaii – “I Felt Love”

Raphaelle Standell-Preston certainly keeps busy. A couple months ago, she released an excellent new full-length with her band Braids, Shadow Offering, which was our Album Of The Week when it came out. At the beginning of the year, she put out two new songs as Blue Hawaii, her duo with Alex … More »
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Cardi B & Megan Thee Stallion’s “WAP” Is Good Music And Better Spectacle

The professional-asshole radio host sits upright in his office chair. He tilts his head to the side, and he scrunches up his eyebrows in mock shock. "There's some whores in this house," he bleats, his adenoidal voice cutting through the air. "There's some whores in this house." He reads through some song lyrics, substituting "p-word" … More »
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