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2020 Travelodge Bizarre Requests Audit Results

Earlier this month, Travelodge, the UK's first budget hotel chain has revealed the top35 most interesting and bizarre requests that the company's 575 UK hotels teams have received during the last 12 months. With the company welcoming millions of business and leisure customers annually, the range of requests varies across the regions and seasonally. This year the hotel teams have even encountered a few interesting requests around social distancing.
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Sustainability In Tourism: The Socio-Cultural Lens | By Beatrice Venturini & Peter Varga

In October 2020, EHL hosted its annual Sustainability Week with a vast array of online seminars, activities and discussion panels. Considering the current impact on the hospitality industry of ongoing COVID-19, the theme of sustainable tourism is more than ever a relevant and urgent topic. Under the direction of Joshua Gan (EHL regional director Asia-Pacific), the issues concerning the socio-cultural aspect of sustainable tourism - its meaning and implementation - were thoughtfully turned...
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A Dog-Eat-Dog Business, Part 6 - The Life of a Hotel Doctor | By Mike Oppenheim

People often ask what sort of contract I had with hotels. The answer is none. Staff called because I was easy to reach and quick to respond. Once they called a few times, they were not inclined to change.
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Horwath HTL Sentiment Survey: Australian Hotel Market And The Impact Of COVID-19 (Third Version)

In the five months since the Second Australian Hotel Sentiment Survey in mid-May 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has continued to severely impact on the hospitality industry across the globe and at home.
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How Italy accidentally invented the perfect COVID-era hotel

Medieval architects, deserted towns and remote countryside -- what sounds like the ingredients for a horror movie could actually be the recipe for the perfect COVID-era hotel.
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Hospitality Unsettled Podcast: E-Commerce 2

"Research is always important but especially in E-Commerce. Understanding what it is the customer is looking for rather than creating and delivering something simply because you like it."
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Research Reveals UAE Residents Have Ambitious Travel Plans for 2021

UAE residents are already gearing up for a busy year of travel in 2021, according to new research conducted by Hilton in the UAE.
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Mövenpick Adds More Top Locations

Since 1940 Mövenpick has been breathing the extra into the ordinary by taking special care over those little everyday things that make all the difference. That's the ethos its teams practice across 99 contemporary and upscale hotels, and which guests will discover in the 54 new establishments opening worldwide.
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Short-Term Rentals Outperformed Hotels In Select U.S. Markets During October

Short-term rentals in three key U.S. cities showed substantial month-to-month performance growth and posted higher occupancy than hotels in the market, according to October 2020 data from STR.
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London Short-Term Rental Occupancy Reaches Pre-Pandemic Levels

The short-term rental sector in London reached its highest occupancy level since February, according to October 2020 data from STR.
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UNWTO In Tunisia: Investments And Education Focus Of High-Level Visit

The Secretary-General of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) has met with H.E. Kais Saied, President of Tunisia, and his Prime Minister Hichem Mechichi of Tunisia during a high-level visit to the North African country. This second visit to an African Member State in the space of three weeks reaffirms UNWTO's commitment to restarting tourism across the continent and focus on working closely with governments to promote sustainable growth and innovation.
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Out Of Isolation: 3 Rules For Employee Mental Health

Duty of care for companies is typically focused on protocol and practicalities such as travel alerts and tracking. But there's no doubt that the link between mental health, lockdowns, and the associated uncertainties of the pandemic is real. We cannot talk about duty of care in isolation, without addressing one of the most pressing issues of the current climate.
Tags: Travel, Employee Mental Health Reveals Predictions For ‘Future Of Travel’

Digital travel company has revealed nine predictions for the future of travel. The research includes data from more than 20,000 travellers across 28 countries and territories, including India.
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Could I Have Attended This Virtually? Events In The Age Of New Protocols, Cool Tech And Changed Expectations

I had my first ART yesterday. I wished I could say this involved me splashing blobs of paint on a blank canvas like Pollock or Picasso; rather it was having cotton buds stuck up my nostrils. Honestly, the Antigen Rapid Test wasn't as bad as I had feared, it felt more like the tingling you get from overdosing on good wasabi.
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Issues In The Banking Industry: Hospitality Skills To The Rescue | By Eric Debétaz

Developments in technology have resulted in a wealth of changes across all industries. Not only has technology changed the capabilities available to businesses, but it has also caused shifts in the realm of consumer culture and customer expectations. Lessons from the hospitality sector might just be the bridge to narrowing the gap that certain industries have to face, including the evolving face of modern finance.
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Will Talks of Vaccine Contribute to Higher RevPAR for Hotels? | By Korosh Farazad

The breaking news on the successful trails of COVID-19 vaccine has boosted hotel companies' stock price and valuations. However, hotel owners still need to focus on cash reserves in this unprecedented pandemic crisis.
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Digital Marketing Performance Evaluation in the COVID-19 Pandemic | By Bill Carroll, PhD

In conjunction with The Hotel School at Cornell University, William Carroll published this white paper on October 1, 2020.
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WTTC hosts first virtual AGM with over 120 Members and WTTC Ambassadors in attendance

The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC), which represents the global Travel & Tourism private sector, hosted its first ever virtual AGM, attended by more than 120 CEOs from across the globe, to discuss the progress made so far, the challenges our sector has faced through this pandemic, and the importance of international collaboration.
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Cutting the 14-day quarantine to five days is welcome news for the UK Travel & Tourism sector, says WTTC

The UK government's latest move that will slash the travel quarantine lockdown if passengers test negative on the fifth day, will provide a much-needed economic boost and is a step towards reviving international travel, says the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC).
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'Devastating and unrelenting' COVID-19 crisis will cost airlines $157 billion, says IATA

More huge losses are looming for the airline industry as carriers brace for the COVID-19 crisis to extend well into 2021.
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STR: Canada hotel results for week ending 21 November

STR data for 15-21 November 2020 showed flat occupancy from the previous week for Canada's hotel industry.
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Pandemic to Prompt Rise in UK Hotel Insolvencies According to Webinar Experts

Hotel insolvencies caused by the pandemic are likely to increase through 2021 according to experts speaking at a global webinar held 24 November organized by HVS, AlixPartners, Bird & Bird and EP Magazine.
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4 Reasons GOPPAR Should Be on Your List of KPIs | By David Eisen

With the pandemic still raging and hotel operations still in flux, hoteliers are still left figuring out what to do next. Churning out profit in the age of COVID is a Herculean task, but consulting the right data can be a step in the right direction.
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U.S Flips to Positive Hotel Profit as Europe Backslides

The U.S. in October shed the ignominy of being the only global region to have not recorded a positive month of profitability since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. The country finally reached gross operating profit per available room (GOPPAR) above $0, but at $5.43, it was still down 95.5% compared to the same time last year.
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Thanksgiving Week Special: A Recipe For Amazing Customer Service | By Shep Hyken

As we approach Thanksgiving, I can't stop thinking about turkey and stuffing—and all the different ways to prepare them.
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Reclaiming control over online distribution in the post-COVID hotel market

The early days of the COVID-19 crisis have exposed shortcomings among big actors in online distribution (such as OTAs), especially regarding reimbursement in the event of force majeure. The subpar handling of this exceptional situation has caused newfound distrust among many users, who are now likely to seek out alternatives when booking their next trip. Thus, the grasp hegemonic actors held over the market was damaged loosened, leaving room for hotels to establish a new and more diversif...
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5 Ways Hotels Can Boost Their Revenue Amid The COVID Chaos

These are unprecedented times we're living in. We've all experienced the effects of the pandemic and amidst this fear and uncertainty, global travel patterns have changed drastically over the year due to international travel restrictions, nation-wide lockdowns and people choosing to stay at home under self-quarantine- in Europe alone, occupancy rates dropped by almost 82% during the month of May 2020.
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STR: U.S. hotel results for week ending 21 November

U.S. weekly hotel occupancy continued to slip further from previous weeks, according to the latest data from STR through 21 November. 15-21 November 2020 (percentage change from comparable week in 2019):
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Gearing Up for a Heated Holiday Getaway Season | By Larry Mogelonsky

While drive market couple and family retreats have dominated the summer of COVID-19, new challenges will present themselves as the weather cools. But we may still realize brisk business for the forthcoming holiday season.
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What Is Project Risk Management?

The development manager has overall responsibility for the control of project risks and any actions associated with them throughout the project life cycle. The development management agreement (DMA) governs the relationship between the contract parties, minimizes the project risks, and increases the efficiency and quality of the resulting development.
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