Aeropress coffee maker just $22 right now

$22 is the lowest price I've seen for an Aeropress coffee maker. (Just click the the little coupon checkbox on the Amazon page.) It's a lot of fun to make coffee with the Aeropress -- you pour a little water in the piston and put it in the microwave for about 40 seconds. Then you put a microfilter in the cylinder (you get a "years supply" with the Aeropress) and a scoop of ground coffee. The you put the cylinder on top of a cup (the company recommends using a clear mug to make the process even ...
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Donald Trump keeps saying his father Fred Trump was born in Germany. He was not.

In an interview with CBS News' Jeff Glor on Sunday, President Donald Trump was asked which nations he considered to be foes of the United States. (more…)
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This is the subway in New York

There have been a lot of iconic images offering the FEELING of a NYC subway ride. The goth woman and her raven, and the Ramones and their guitars are the first to come to mind. Taking photos of people riding the subway is likely on par with photographers crapping out another image of San Franciaco's Golden Gate Bridge. Once in a while tho, we get art. I have an MTA card in my wallet.
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Check out this tool for exploring Facebook ads purchased by Russia to influence the 2016 election

Fathom Information Design created an interactive website called Fakebook that presents a bunch of Facebook ads purchased by Russia-linked agents, showing the intended audiences for the ads. Is their any reason to doubt that the Russians are still buying Facebook ads designed to divide and anger Americans? In late 2017, the Senate Intelligence Committee released a sample of Facebook ads purchased by Russia-linked agents to influence the 2016 U.S. presidential election. This tool reveals how the...
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Facebook Data on Americans Used by Cambridge Analytica Was Accessed From Russia

The Facebook data set on tens of millions of Americans that was gathered for Cambridge Analytica was accessed from within Russia, British MP Damian Collins today told CNN. (more…)
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Bernie Sanders was not amused by Sacha Baron Cohen's disguised character

You've probably seen the video clip from Who Is America? in which comedian provocateur Sacha Baron Cohen easily convinces right wing politicians and lobbyists to express their support for giving guns to four-year-olds. Here's another clip with Cohen's character trying to explain a mathematically unsound proposal to Bernie Sanders, who patiently explains why the proposal move the 99% into the 1% won't work. (How did Cohen get access to Sanders and other senators? -- UPDATE: I just watched thi...
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Sarah Palin complains about being pranked by Sacha Baron Cohen

Sarah Palin is doing a great job promoting Sacha Baron Cohen's Showtime series, Who is America?, by going on TV and complaining that she had been tricked and embarrassed by Cohen when he interviewed her under false pretenses. Gee, who wants that? Interestingly, the is one of the first times that Palin didn't speak in the kind of nonsensical word salad she is famous for. She is articulate and directly answers the pandering softball questions that the Good Morning America host gently tosses her. ...
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Alabama student walks ~20 miles at night to first day of work. CEO gives him his (the CEO's own!) car.

Alabama college student Walter Carr, 20, got a job at a moving company in a nearby town. The night before his new job started, his 2003 Nissan Altima broke down. (more…)
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Barry's Gold Blend is my favorite tea, PG Tips leaves me mildly depressed

I bought PG Tips for a taste off with my favorite black tea Barry's Gold Blend. I decided to finish the box, rather than just throw it out, and ended up depressed. When I first started drinking Barry's folks told me it was "a builder's blend" and that I would "taste the bag." Folks insisted I try PG Tips. A woman I'd been seeing who claimed deep knowledge of tea was an aficionado of the triangular PF Tips bag. I ignored them as I didn't care, and liked Barry's. After enough pressure, I tried P...
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An entomologist rates ant emojis

Curlicuecal has a PhD in entomology and did graduate work on ant behavior. Recently Curlicuecal rated ant emojis from Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, and other companies on their Tumblr. Apple has the best ant, and Mozilla had the worst (they use a termite). Beautiful big almond eye, realistic and full of expression as she gazes gently at you. Elbowed antennae and delicately segmented legs and body. Gorgeous pearlescent sheen like she is glowing. This ant moisturizes. This ant is roun...
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See you at Comic-Con!

I'm one of the "special guests" at this year's San Diego Comic-Con! If you're attending, I hope you'll come by and see some of my programming items, especially my spotlight interview with Cecil Castellucci (Friday, July 20, 1330h-1430h, Room 24ABC), where I'll be making an exciting announcement. (more…)
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China uses sewage surveillance to detect drugs in urine and feces

Across China, local governments have implemented mass surveillance of urine and feces in city sewers to detect drug use; in drug hotspots like Zhongshan, longitudinal assays of drug residues in human waste are used to evaluate the efficacy of anti-drug programs. (more…)
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Florida man with a literal monkey on his back arrested for car theft

Sometimes people steal cars to pay for that sweet lady H, but this fella allegedly stole a car, possibly to keep the monkey on his back in diapers. (more…)
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Randy Rainbow sings 'A Very Stable Genius'

When the world is in flames we can all say that Randy Rainbow tried.
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Watch this pottery turn into a trippy zoetrope when painted

Chattering is a pottery wheel technique where a tool bounces against the rotating piece, creating a pattern of small divots. When it's time to paint it, a hypnotic visual effect appears. (more…)
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Noam Chomsky calmly explains why Trump and allies are a threat to organized human life

"Today's Republican Party is the most dangerous organization in human history," intones Noam Chomsky as methodically describes "a level of criminality that is almost hard to find words to describe." (more…)
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San Francisco's public defecation problem really stinks

San Francisco's new mayor, London Breed, blames homeless people for the piles of poop and ever present scent of urine that characterize the city. There is also awesome avocado toast. Via the Modesto Bee: “I will say there is more feces on the sidewalks than I’ve ever seen growing up here,” Breed told the station. “That is a huge problem and we are not just talking about from dogs — we’re talking about from humans.” Breed encouraged charities and nonprofit agencies aiding the homeless to ur...
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Spectacular "Ambient Walkman Symphony" and other tape-loop, circuit bent performances

Austin-based musician Randall Taylor, aka Amulets, creates gorgeous experimental music performances from modded Walkmans and old multitrack cassette decks playing handcrafted tape loops, live guitar loops processed through circuit-bent pedals, field recordings and other sound sources. He calls his portable setup, featured in the video below, the Suitcase of Drone. Absolutely stunning work. From Austin's Dimension Gallery where Amulets created a sound installation that runs until August 14: ...
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Jimmy Fallon sure does love this CAPTCHA joke

Jimmy Fallon often features viewer submissions like mildly humorous CAPTCHAs, you know, "those squiggly words you have to type in before you buy tickets to concerts and stuff?" He seems very invested in humorously educating the public about CAPTCHAs. (more…)
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The medical world has discovered Liquid Ass

Pew! Liquid Ass prank spray will make a room smell like farts, really foul smelling ones. According to people who have bought and used it, it's strong and it will make you gag. But it also has another use, a more noble one: Researchers, hospitals, and programs designed to train medical professionals routinely order Liquid Ass. The stench so realistically mimics the human colon, it’s the perfect training tool to teach medical responders how to maintain focus and professional demeanor in the mids...
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Venmo's "public by default" transactions reveal drug deals, breakups, more

Because Venmo defaults to making all payments public, privacy researcher Hang Do Thi Duc was able to download and analyze 208,000,000 transactions, whose notes and other metadata revealed a wealth of personal, compromising information, including drug deals and breakups. (more…)
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Mandalay Bay hotel owner sues more than 1000 victims of the Vegas gunman

The Mandalay Bay hotel was used by Stephen Paddock as a vantage point to slaughter dozens and hurt hundreds more in October 2017's gun massacre on the Las Vegas strip. Now the hotel's owner, MGM Resorts International, is suing his victims—more than 1000 of them—to warn them off trying to hold it in any part responsible. Las Vegas attorney Robert Eglet, who has represented several Oct. 1 victims, said the grounds of the litigation are “obscure.” MGM is a Nevada company, so any lawsuits belong i...
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Killer new trailer for "Bohemian Rhapsody," forthcoming Queen biopic

The long-awaited biopic Bohemian Rhapsody tells the story of Freddie Mercury and Queen's incredible story from their formation in 1970 to their outstanding Live Aid performance in 1985 just a few years before Mercury died due to complications from AIDS. Hitting theaters November 2, the film stars Rami Malek as Freddie Mercury with Ben Hardy, Gwilym Lee, Joseph Mazzello, Allen Leech, and Lucy Boynton. Bryan Singer directed much of the principal photography before he was fired, apparently for...
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Cool HOWTO on creating an AI to play 2048

The always entertaining and inspiring YouTuber Code Bullet decided to build a 2048-playing AI from scratch. It's really interesting to see him also build 2048 as part of the process. (more…)
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You can install linux on the new Atari VCS, which will have more powerful specs than originally planned

The forthcoming Atari VCS got a mixed reception from players, who are wary of a nostalgic cash-grab but hopeful for something more versatile and capable than Nintendo's one-shot classics consoles. A great sign: not only has it received spec bumps to 8GB of RAM and a decent GPU, but owners can install Linux. You probably won't want to, but it's proof of the system's general-purpose performance and open-ness. In the spirit of being open, Atari wants the VCS platform to give developers all the fr...
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Mice can get into amazingly tight spaces

I spent the last few days fighting off a mouse infestation in our RV. So far I've trapped and tossed six of the furry little bastards out on their asses. As I began the search for where they were getting into our rig, yesterday, I got to wondering how much space they can actually squeeze through. According to this video, I'm doomed.
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New York Public Library making it easier to See Dickens' desk, Woolf's cane, and Kerouac’s boots

NYPL's Berg Collection ranks among the greatest collections of literary ephemera and artifacts, but it's been very hard to see these items until recently. (more…)
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The most popular engines for indie games

A new page at, the top platform for publishing and selling indie games, reveals the most popular game development engines and apps there. Unity is way out in the lead, accounting for almost half the projects published at Itch. Construct, an app requiring no coding skills, and GameMaker, a general-purpose creative suite with powerful scripting tools and optional modules, together account for about a quarter of the projects. Then come engines designed for specific genres: Twine, for int...
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Toddler confused about mirror's reflection: Hey, where did that baby go?

When my daughter was little, I had a mirror leaning against the wall for her to look in. For a while, she thought she had a playmate and would interact with this "other" baby. She would laugh with it and sometimes even kiss it. It was adorable. So I had to chuckle when I saw this video. This little guy probably hasn't had a mirror at his height before. From what I can gather, he thinks this standalone department store mirror is a window and that if he could just get around it, he could play w...
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The Tower of London's Ravenmaster wrote a great book

I first spoke with Chris Skaife in 2013 after he was was awarded a position at The Tower of London following a long and distinguished career in the the British Army. A Yeoman Warder, Skaife holds the position of Ravenmaster. As the title implies, he’s responsible for the care of the Tower's unkindness of ravens. Our first conversation about his gig left me fascinated: Here was a man with a job that’s completely singular in the world. His days, are full or tourists and the occasional state visit...
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