This $2 illuminated magnifier will allow you to see tiny things

I have three or four of these Lighted Hand Held Magnifiers. And at just $2.16 including shipping on Amazon, why not. It works with 3 x AAA batteries (not included) to power the two bright white LEDs, and even comes with a fake leather case with a snap button. I use mine mainly to read the tiny numerals and letters on electronic components and printed circuit boards, but it's also useful for looking at splinters, markings on pills, laundry labels, and anything else with tiny printing. I just boug...
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Watch "Max Headroom: 20 Minutes into the Future" (1985)

Before Max Headroom shilled for Coke and collaborated with the Art of Noise (below), he starred in this fantastic and prescient 1985 UK TV movie about a dystopic future. This brilliant bit of cyberpunk science fiction feels even more relevant today than it did back then. Previously: "Max Headroom, the full story" (Thanks, UPSO!)
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The oil industry just told a judge that climate change is undeniably real, but they still found a way to weasel

Judge William Alsup in San Francisco is presiding over a case in which California cities are suing the big oil companies over the climate-related disasters they're experiencing; Judge Alsup asked for a "tutorial" session in which experts for both sides would be asked to explain the underlying science, something he's done in earlier cases that turned on technical questions, including a DACA case and a case on lidar and self-driving cars. (more…)
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How to get food in Japan without knowing how to speak Japanese

This is a fun video introduction to feeding yourself in Japan, even if you don't know Japanese. Really, it's pretty easy to get food in Japan if you're a foreigner, but this video shows you different options, from konbini (convenience stores, which are much better than the ones in the US), to chain restaurants (again, usually tastier than US chains), to shopping mall food courts (beautiful and mind bending), and actual non-chain eateries.
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The incredible science illustrations of Paul Mirocha

I met science illustrator Paul Mirocha through a personal Discord server I set up and when Paul started posting his illustrations in the "Show your creations" channel, I was blown away. His style reminds me of the old Giant Golden science books, which I love. Paul's illustrations celebrate both the diversity and the surprising strangeness of nature. He lives in the Sonoran desert in Tucson, Arizona. I asked him to tell me a bit about his work: Some projects call for a high level of realism, l...
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School superintendent arms students with rocks as protection against school shooters

“Every classroom has been equipped with a five-gallon bucket of river stone," says David Helsel, superintendent of the Blue Mountain School District, in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. "If an armed intruder attempts to gain entrance into any of our classrooms, they will face a classroom full students armed with rocks and they will be stoned." From WNEP: “At one time I just had the idea of river stone, they`re the right size for hands, you can throw them very hard and they will create or cause pai...
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Friday Tunes: The Imagined Village

The Imagine Village is what you'd call a super group. Over the years, its lineup has included members of the United Kingdom folk music royalty such as Billy Bragg, Eliza & Martin Carthy, Simon Emmerson, The Trans Global Underground, Chris Wood and dhol drum master Johnny Kalsi. Each of the musicians comes to the collective with decades of musical excellence under their belts and an extensive catalog of tunes of their own. The re-imagination of English folk standards is the Imagined Villag...
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Rodney Brooks on the present and future of robotics & AI

Rodney Brooks is the father of the Roomba, the founder of iRobot, and the creator of both the Baxter and Sawyer product lines from Rethink Robotics. He’s arguably the world’s most accomplished roboticist. And if he’s not – and I personally can’t think of who could challenge him for that crown – he’s definitely the top roboticist to be profiled in an Errol Morris documentary (1997’s Fast, Cheap, and Out of Control). When Rodney left Australia for the region that would later become known as Silic...
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A $16 pad to stop stray cat litter from migrating about the house

This wonderful litter trapping pad keeps litter from being scattered all over my home. I figured out my cat needed a 2nd litter box, and felt pretty smart. A few days later my home office was full of litter that had escaped the box on his paws and fur, I had forgotten to put a pad under the front of the box. I felt pretty silly. I tried a towel, because towels are pretty useful, but it didn't really help much. This rubber mat does the trick. Cat Litter Mat | XL Super Size | 35" x 23" via Am...
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DIY model rocket with drone nosecone for vertical landing

RC Lover San built this killer model rocket that uses a standard engine to launch before firing up its nosecone quadcopter to stick a vertical landing. "Landing a Rocket Vertically, Without Being a Billionaire Aka Rocket Drone" (Instructables via MAKE)
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DIY model rocket with drone nose cone for vertical landing

RC Lover San built this killer model rocket that uses a standard engine to launch before firing up its nose cone quadcopter to stick a vertical landing. "Landing a Rocket Vertically, Without Being a Billionaire Aka Rocket Drone" (Instructables via MAKE)
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Children not getting things quite right

I feel kinda bad about enjoying this video of kids smashing trikes into things, and other minor mishaps. This did not stop me from watching it, however.
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Massive cruise ship sliced in half to embiggen it

Silversea Cruises has sliced their massive Silversea ship in half so that they can inset a 15 meter (50 feet) extension and increase the ship's capacity by 15 percent. While this kind of thing is commonly done to convert regular automobiles into stretch limos, the company describes this undertaking as a "rarely performed feat of maritime architecture." From CNN: The elaborate engineering feat, underway at the Fincantieri Shipyard in Palermo, Italy, requires over 500 skilled workers and will ...
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Artist David Henry Nobody Jr. on how impersonating a wealthy Trump fan "kind of drove me insane"

"I INHABIT IMAGES" is the Instagram bio chosen by David Henry Nobody Jr., the playful yet apt moniker of New York artist David Henry Brown Jr. Nobody's artwork often involves being totally engulfed by food, pigments, advertisement cutouts, or household items, sometimes to the point where he is only recognizable by a glaring eye or wide smile. While this project has been documented on Instagram and ongoing for three years, David Henry Nobody Jr. has always been fascinated with ideas of repres...
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Life-size animatronic T-Rex bursts into flames at dinosaur theme park

A life-size animatronic Tyrannosaurus Rex at a Colorado dinosaur theme park went down in flames yesterday. Zach Reynolds, co-owner of Royal Gorge Dinosaur Experience, says it was probably caused by an electrical malfunction. Although the 24-foot-tall T-Rex is a big loss to the park, Reynold's had a sense of humor about it when he joked, “We knew he had a temper, but today he blew his top.” He added, "it made for some spectacular imagery along the way." The good sport hopes a new dinosaur w...
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The worst Halloween animatronic (NSFW, NSFL)

Did the scene in the new IT movie where Pennywise bites Georgie's arm, only for the camera to cut to an exterior shot of the drain, leave you frustrated and hankering for more? If you want to dwell on the boy's dismembered fate on an indefinite basis, this animatronic prop at the TransWorld Halloween & Attractions Show in St. Louis this week should be right up your sewer. You might be fortunate enough to see this at your local haunted house this fall, the laughing and shaking and screaming ...
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Certify your design skills with this trio of training courses

Companies are always looking for creative ways to reach their audiences, and oftentimes, this involves designers whipping up stunning images and photos to make the connection happen. As such, having an understanding of the industry's leading design tools can take you far if you're on the job hunt. The Graphic Design Certification School will familiarize you with three top programs.With a trio of user-friendly courses, this bundle is designed to get you up and running with Adobe Photoshop, Illust...
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Stripping the music from this 'Spider-Man 3' scene makes it even more uncomfortable to watch

Strip the funky music from this Spider-Man 3 scene, add some more "realistic" audio, and Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire) just seems like a cocky douchebag strutting down the street. Awkward. Ok, he seemed douchey with the music too: Spider-Man 3 Dance Scene with "Realistic" Audio - (No Music) by Mix Minus (2016) (reddit)
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What happens when you tack $80 in cash on corkboards

Zarinah Agnew lives at the Red Victorian, a modern-day commune in San Francisco's Haight neighborhood. Six months ago, as an experiment, she and her roommates thumbtacked $80 in cash on three different corkboards (at the Red Vic and another local intentional community called The Embassy). They then attached small pink signs that read, “Take what you need, leave what you don’t!” They called each of their experimental corkboards, the "Great Wall of Money." Here's what happened next, according to...
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Seasteading meets the shock doctrine in Puerto Rico, where ethnic cleansing precedes Going Galt

Naomi Klein's l(ooooo)ongread in The Intercept about the state of play in Puerto Rico is the comprehensive summary of the post-Maria fuckery and hope that has gripped America's colonial laboratory, the place where taxation without representation, austerity, chemical weapons, new drugs, and new agribusiness techniques get trialed before the rest of America are subjected to them. (more…)
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Watch: Geometry teacher breakdances for caramel apple pie

This cool geometry teacher didn't take offense when a student told him his class was boring. Instead, he asked her, "Would it help if I breakdanced?" She said "Yeah," and even offered to bake him a caramel apple pie if he did. So he got down on the floor and showed off his breakdancing moves to delighted students. Now give that man his pie!
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Greeting cards Silicon Valley geeks will surely appreciate

Designer Irina Blok lives in Silicon Valley and is the creator of Google's now-iconic green Android logo. A couple of years ago, she started producing Only in Silicon Valley, a line of on-point greeting cards for "geeks." She writes that the cards are designed to "celebrate tech culture of Silicon Valley, without taking ourselves too seriously." Take a look... She's got lots more over at Zazzle. Cards are $2.96 each. Previously: Modest Silicon Valley home breaks record for highest pr...
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Gad Elmaleh's new comedy special 'American Dream' is worth a watch

There are a lot of comedy specials on Netflix and I do my best to watch them all, as I have a voracious appetite for seeing professional comedians perform their craft. Now, I don't normally do this but I feel compelled to share the one I watched last night with you. It's called Gad Elmaleh: American Dream and it's showing on Netflix right now. This is the first special the Moroccan-born comedian has done in English, though apparently it's rehashed material from his 2016 French language Gad...
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Michael Bolton lip synching Gangsta's Paradise

There's a new TV show where celebrities lip synch to other people's songs, and they've put out a clip of Michael Bolton uneasily mouthing Coolio's Gangsta's Paradise to offer a taste of what's in store. It's not really my cup of tea but do wake me up when Dean Stockwell goes on.
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Street style photographer Bill Cunningham left behind a secret memoir

When legendary (and deeply private) New York Times street style photographer Bill Cunningham died in 2016, he left behind a photo archive valued at $1M. His family soon discovered he left the world another gift, a photo-filled memoir he penned secretly. It's titled Fashion Climbing and is due to be published in September. The New York Times reports: But aside from some scenes of family discord, Mr. Cunningham’s memoir is a rosy account of an irrepressible dreamer who tripped his way from the s...
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Ketchup slices: shaped like cheese singles but look like fruit leather

Los Angeles-based food entrepreneur Emily Williams is hoping that the next best thing since sliced bread is... sliced ketchup. With her business partner Thac Lecong, she's currently crowdsourcing funds to bring her Bo's Original Slice of Sauce ketchup singles to market. The creator of Slice of Sauce™ was experimenting with family recipes given to her by her father, a restaurateur in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. She ended up developing a no-mess, portable condiment that adds a layer to f...
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Craigslist personals shut down indefinitely due to recently passed 'FOSTA'

The personals section of Craigslist was shut down indefinitely by its management on Thursday, a response to Congress’s passage of a law that holds websites liable for users who misuse personal ads. That means no more "casual encounters" or "missed connections" (or anything under the “personals” umbrella) for anyone until much-further notice. It's all just gone. Here's what it now reads when you try to click on any of the personals links: US Congress just passed HR 1865, "FOSTA", seeking to s...
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Russian nerve agent attack may leave Skripals with 'limited mental capacity'

The military-grade nerve toxin attack on Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia may have left the victims with 'compromised mental capacity,' a British judge said on Thursday. It is unclear whether the former Russian double agent and his adult child will recover from being poisoned with what the UK says was a Russian chemical weapon known as 'Novichok.' (more…)
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Trump NatSec advisor HR McMaster to resign. Fox News analyst John Bolton to replace.

This is the darkest imaginable timeline. (more…)
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Flight crew member smuggles 9 pounds of cocaine worth $160K in his pants

A Fly Jamaica Airline crew member tried to smuggle $160K worth of cocaine in his pants, from Montego Bay into John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York. His ingenious transport method for the nearly nine pounds of cocaine failed to trick agents for the U.S. Customs and Border Protection. (more…)
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