Woman thought she had COVID-19 but it was really typhus caught from a dead rat

In Monrovia, California, Margaret Holzmann was recently suffering from a fever, headache, and fatigue, so she smartly got a COVID-19 test. The test was negative but she was still feeling ill weeks later. Her doctor asked if she had any contact with wild animals. — Read the rest
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Protect your kids with the Gryphon Guardian Wi-Fi network, now under $85

Your home router is your conduit to the outside world. It's your portal to the internet, your connection to streaming content, and more and more often lately, your best means of seeing faraway friends and family face-to-face online. But we all know that not far beyond that portal lies demons. — Read the rest
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Meet Jackie, the baboon war hero who became a corporal

In 1913, Albert Marr found an orphaned baboon on his family form near Pretoria, South Africa. Marr named his new friend "Jackie" and the two became inseparable. When Marr joined the 3rd South African Infantry Regiment at the start of World War I, he naturally brought Jackie with him. — Read the rest
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A therapy dog cuddles an emotional California firefighter in heartwarming video

Kerith is the golden retriever therapy dog seen in the video below comforting an exhausted firefighter on break from battling Northern California's Dixie fire – the largest in the state. The fire has scorched at least 395 square miles so far, burning for three weeks and threatening 3,000 homes. — Read the rest
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Gentleman's attempt to pull off a slip-and-fall scam foiled by security camera

This fellow intentionally spilled water on a restaurant floor as part of a clever plan to con a restaurant into giving him a slip and fall settlement. But his scam was caught on camera, and instead of ending up on Easy Street as he hoped, he's just wet and sad. — Read the rest
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Fantastic footage of Russian space station module falling to Earth

After 20 years of use, the Russian space station docking module Pirs fell to Earth on July 26 in a fantastic fiery show captured on video by French astronaut Thomas Pesquet who had a terrific view from the International Space Station. — Read the rest
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Jen Psaki zings Doocy and Trump in one fell swoop

Press Secretary Jen Psaki managed to both laugh at Fox "News" reporter Peter Doocy and crush Donald Trump and his unethical pressuring of the Justice Department with just one line and a straight face. While on the subject of New York Gov. — Read the rest
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The Vagina Museum needs a new home

The Vagina Museum was founded in the UK in 2017 as the "world's first bricks and mortar museum dedicated to vaginas, vulvas and the gynae anatomy" (the project was largely inspired as a reaction to the Iceland Phallological Museum). At first, the museum did mostly pop-up events at places Green Man Festival to the Royal Institution to the Feminist Library to the Freud Museum, with exhibits that focused on things like the history of menstruation. — Read the rest
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A M*A*S*H moment to remember

I was alive for 8 months before the M*A*S*H TV show first aired, I probably I spent them watching Felix the Cat. While most often filled with sarcasm and humor, the drama and touching moments of M*A*S*H are some of the best TV ever had to offer. — Read the rest
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Watch this timelapse of an amazing Millenium Falcon sand sculpture

Sculptor Leonardo Ugolini made this incredible timelapse video of his carving a Millenium Falcon out of sand. @sandsculptor Millennium Falcon STAR WARS #starwars#millenniumfalcon#ifcreativeagency#leonardougolini#sand#sandsculpture#sandart#art#sandsculptor#sandcastle ♬ suono originale – Leonardo Ugolini Chewbacca's appearance is great. — Read the rest
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Oregonians broken-hearted at the news of Henry Weinhard's cancellation

Oregon's reputedly once-favorite beer will be discontinued. Oregon Live: Henry Weinhard's Private Reserve, once the pride of Northwest beer drinkers and hailed by many as Oregon's first craft beer, is being discontinued by current owner Molson Coors after more than four decades of production. — Read the rest
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Utah sheriff: Please stop hanging hammocks from high-voltage towers

In Weber County, Utah, sheriffs are warning people to stop climbing high-voltage power towers and chilling out in hammocks hung from the structure. The view may be shockingly good but it's apparently not worth the risk. From 2KUTV: "There are 75,000 kilovolts that run through those power lines. — Read the rest
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Why 'time' uses the sexagesimal system of counting

Wonder where we got the sexagesimal system? 60 seconds seems awful unwieldy in our world of base 10. It's the Sumerians. Someone on Reddit's ELI5 forum asked: "Why do we hit a limit of 60 for seconds and minutes, but then decimal for hours and milliseconds?" — Read the rest
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Watch: TV reporter doesn't realize a truck is sinking into the lake behind him

Jakob Emerson, a TV reporter for Springfield, Illinois' WICS ABC 20, was doing a live standup at a Lake Springfield dock but didn't immediately realize that a pick-up truck was sinking just behind him. "No one in vehicle at time of sinking by the way!" — Read the rest
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How the Segway didn't change the world

At Slate, Dan Kois offers a brief history of Segway, the ingenious but too-hyped and too-dorky electric ride that became a joke upon its release. Twenty years on the current owner is a Chinese go kart company that sells actual Segways to mall security and appears to use the name mostly as a scooter brand. — Read the rest
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Devin Nunes, congressman who took Twitter parodies to court, now sues Rachel Maddow

Congressman Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) is famously thin-skinned: to insult him in even the most light-hearted way is to risk being sued by him. But there is a purpose to his constant stream of legal actions, the latest being filed just this week against MSNBC's Rachel Maddow for "smearing" him on her television show. — Read the rest
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Dreaming puppy is darling

Awwwwww. View post on Th hiso head reminds me a bit of Red Skull, his tuxedo is awesome.
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How hard is it to "go mouseless" with your personal computer?

I've been experimenting lately with setting up a keyboard-only computer (a Pi Zero at the terminal and running i3-gaps, specifically) with a mind to making a more productive writering machine. Felipe Cortez has gotten a lot further than I have, using the Vimium extension to create a browser-based work environment. — Read the rest
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Hollingsworth Hound in Space!

TWO brand new Tom the Dancing Bug books are coming out this November: Tom the Dancing Bug Awakens; and Tom the Dancing Bug, Without the Bad Ones! You can reserve your copies by pre-ordering (at a lower price) today!  — Read the rest
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An unexpected peril of driving in Australia

This dashcam footage shows no accident or crash, but it does offer a reason why such incidents are more likely in Australia.
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Ursula K. Le Guin's blog archives back online

After her death, Ursula K. Le Guin's blog eventually went offline. But it's now back and now stands as a remarkable memoir, embarked upon by the the illustrious author at 81 years old. [ via Metafilter] The same material is available in print as No Time to Spare: Thinking About What Matters. — Read the rest
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Watch Yoko Ono's incredible "Cut Piece" performance art from 1964

In Cut Piece (1964), one of Yoko Ono's early performances, she sits alone on a stage with a stoic expression on her face. There is a pair of scissors lying in front of her. The audience was informed that they could use the scissors to cut a small piece of clothing off of her outfit and keep it for themselves. — Read the rest
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'Behind the Attraction' on Disney+ is fantastic

My daughter and I have been watching Disney+ fantastic histories of Disney's most famous rides and features. The show is wonderful. Episodes on the Jungle Cruise, Haunted Mansion, Star Tours, Space Mountain, Trains, Castles, and more add up to a wonderful history lesson that is wonderful for a new enthusiast, my kid, or someone who has read many books on Disney history. — Read the rest
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Rosario Dawson goofing around as Ahsoka Tano is buckets of fun

This is the look of someone having a wonderful time. Rosario Dawson put on a Togrutan head-tail cap and had a blast, taking a break from filming some other project about Manhattan as a DMZ but without Snake Plissken. View this post on Instagram A post shared by rosariodawson (@rosariodawson)
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Collapsing model iceberg injures visitors at Titanic museum

Several visitors to the Titanic museum attraction in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee were injured when a model iceberg collapsed yesterday. From the New York Post: "Our iceberg wall collapsed and injured 3 guests who were taken to the hospital. At this time, we do not know the extent of their injuries," the owners wrote late Monday[…]It was not immediately clear how the wall collapsed. — Read the rest
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Can a Covid-vaccine PSA even work? This one tries, but who's really listening?

In this homespun Covid-vaccine PSA, political commentator Leigh McGowan, aka Politics Girl, holds back her usual disdain of Qnut ignorance by appealing to the idea of working together to beat this "deadly monster." "The more people that allow the virus to take root inside them, the more chance the virus has to be a better killer. — Read the rest
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11 percent of the unvaccinated blame Trump for the COVID-19 surge

In an Axios/Ipsos poll regarding who is responsible for this new Covid wave, the expected sides laid the perfunctory blame at the feet of others. Vaccinated people mostly blame the unvaccinated as well as disgraced former President Trump and the conservative media. — Read the rest
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The Macarena is 25 years old. It's about a threesome. Hey Macarena?

Twenty-five years ago today, the Bayside Boys remix of Los Río's "Macarena" (1993), with English lyrics added, hit number one on the Billboard music charts. Wedding DJs never recovered. From Wikipedia: Los del Río were invited to tour South America in 1992 and, while visiting Venezuela, they were invited to a private party held by the Venezuelan empresario Gustavo Cisneros. — Read the rest
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OXO Good Grips silicone potholder

This potholder from OXO is a padded fabric envelope with a knobby silicone sheet on one side, Nothing can slip from its grip. I even use it to open stubborn jar lids.
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How to decode credit card numbers

This 5-minute video explains the meaning of credit card numbers. They aren't just random, and the final digit is a check digit that makes it possible to determine if a credit card number is invalid without checking it against a database of issued credit cards. — Read the rest
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