The New Sally Hansen and Crayola Collection Is a Pastel Lover's Dream Come True

Sally Hansen and Crayola are back with a new collection that's perfect for the warmer months, or if you just love to rock pastels year long. The brands have come together again to create the limited edition Spring Fling collection, which will spark some serious nostalgia. The range features six gorgeous shades: Wisteria, a pretty purple pastel; Cotton Candy, a pale pink; Melon, a fruity coral; Canary, a creamy yellow; Sea Green, a light green; and Sky Blue, a light blue. All six nail polishes ar...
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This New Balm Has a Metal Applicator That Will Cool Down Your Lips When Things Get Hot

You know it's a sweltering day when even your lips are hot. Luckily, fragrance company Scentbird just released its first-ever face product, and it's truly expanding into the category with a bang. How? The new Melting Lip Balm ($18) has a metal-tip applicator, which means it will always deliver a cooling effect to your pout, no matter the weather. Imagine an Icy Hot Patch for your lips - then get rid of the "hot" part - and that's pretty much what it feels like to smear on this goodness. The fou...
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This Is My Favorite (and Cutest) Beauty Buy From Amazon - and it's Under $3!

A post shared by @hellolucykenny on Oct 15, 2016 at 5:30am PDT Regardless of your skill level, your beauty regimen is a ritual and should be treated as one. Whether that ritual looks like 10 minutes in a hand-held mirror for groomed brows and cloud blush, or you're committing a full half hour to the backdrop of Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23, that's your prerogative. For me, it's the latter, complete with a pomegranate tea and a waffle dressing gown (matching with my partner's...
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10 Best Body Washes Under $10

Whether you like bar soap, a fragrant gel, or something rich and creamy, you can never really have too many body washes in your bathroom beauty stash. From the relaxing to the stimulating, here are 10 of the best, all for under $10. Related: 10 Cozy Bath Soaks That Will Melt Away Your Winter Blues
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You Better Work, Because RuPaul Is Launching a Makeup Collection!

It's hard to believe that drag icon and reality TV show host RuPaul hasn't had a beauty line yet, since he's been a fixture in the makeup world for over 25 years. (Though he was the first drag queen to land a major beauty campaign with MAC in 1994.) Thankfully, you'll soon be able to, as the makeup artists say, "beat your face" with a Mally Beauty x RuPaul collection. According to a press release sent to POPSUGAR, Mally and the Drag Race host just signed a deal to release a capsule collab earl...
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Kourtney Kardashian Swears by This Face Cream For 3 Different Purposes - It's Only $22

Earlier this week, people all over the world were shocked to learn that Kourtney Kardashian had turned 39 years old. She may be a mother to three adorable kids and the firstborn child of the Kardashian-Jenner family, but that woman has found the fountain of youth, and we're just begging for her secrets. Kourtney's workouts and eating habits are no joke, as her all-natural diet makes for a praise-worthy bikini body, but she also credits her favorite beauty products for giving her that youthful g...
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12 New and Innovative Korean Beauty Products Coming Your Way

Korean experts seem to consistently be ahead of the curve when it comes to skin care. It's practically become a sport to see what dermatologists and beauty pros will develop next! And here's the thing: though K-beauty products are smartly packaged and utilize surprising ingredients (hello, snail secretions), they're not about the gimmick. Their consumers are some of the pickiest, most informed out there, so if a product doesn't actually deliver, it's not going to thrive in the market. These 12 n...
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9 Products That Will Get Rid of Your Itchy Scalp

Everything from volatile weather to allergies can irritate our scalps. There's nothing worse than having a dry, tight, itchy scalp to distract from your everyday life, and it certainly doesn't do our hairstyles any favors when we're constantly scratching our heads. Luckily, there are products to exfoliate, wash, and moisturize our scalps just like the skin on our faces. When we take care of our scalps, our hair grows healthier and we can achieve the full, luscious head of hair we all want. So to...
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Milk Makeup's New Kush Mascara Will Put You in a Daze - in a Good Way

Image Source: Milk Makeup CBD oil is easily the biggest beauty ingredient trend of 2018. From weed manicures to hemp lotions and CBD oils and balms, it seems like every brand is eager to get in on the trend - some brands even emerged because of the ingredient. And thankfully, the stigma against marijuana has now shifted (or at least it's starting to). CBD is a cannabinoid, but unlike THC - another cannabinoid - it doesn't get you high. The benefits of CBD oil are plentiful: it can help with anx...
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The 6 Best Ingredients to Tighten Your Skin

It is truly a privilege to get older, but with age comes things like achy joints, wrinkles, and - you guessed it - a reduction of the skin elasticity we tend to take for granted in our youth. "Reduced tightness in the skin is caused by the loss of collagen, which diminishes over time," explained Dr. Heather Woolery-Lloyd, a board-certified dermatologist based in Miami. "People usually start to complain about this in the 40s, but this can be accelerated by sun exposure, smoking or exposure to smo...
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Pssst! Walmart Just Quietly Launched This Unicorn Beauty Line - Everything's $5 or Less!

This just in: Walmart started selling the unicorn-themed beauty collection of our flippin' dreams, and it all happened right under our horns - er, I mean noses. The affordable retailer now exclusively carries an eight-item line of magical bath and body goodies by Hallu, a small beauty brand that launched earlier this year. Hallu's enchanting unicorn collection features rainbow-colored sugar scrub cubes, a unicorn horn bath bomb that rivals the one Lush used to sell, and an intriguing foam body l...
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12 Ways to Protect Your Hair From Sun Damage, Saltwater, and More This Summer

As your calendar fills up with fun Summer activities, you'll be busy planning out stylish festival outfits and scoping out new colorful beauty products. But just as you'd protect your body with SPF, don't forget to give your hair a little extra TLC this season. As relaxing and fun as they sound, Summer activities can potentially cause hair damage, especially if you're planning on spending quite a bit of time under the sun, pool chemicals, and beach water. We asked hair experts for advice on the ...
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Dandruff Affects 13 Million Americans - Here's How to Treat It

Why is it that something so natural, so commonplace, is still so embarrassing? The itchy, flaky truth is countless people deal with dandruff at some point or another, and it doesn't mean you've got bad hygiene habits and it certainly doesn't mean you're doomed to a live a life where you can't wear black. "Dandruff is much more common than people realize; 13 million Americans have had it," said Dr. Francesca Fusco, a board-certified dermatologist at New York's Wexler Dermatology. "According to a...
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Looking For a Subtle Facial Tan? This Is the Mask That Always Gets Me Compliments

Although I'm comfortable with my pale skin tone, I love experimenting with sunless tanner whenever I want a little bit of an extra glow. After practicing with a wide range of sunless tanners throughout the years (including different cream, foam, and in-shower formulas) I've pretty much nailed the basics of tanning my body without hitting the beach or poolside. Despite this, maintaining sunless tanner on my face proved to be difficult. Since I wash my face at least twice a day, the tanner was alw...
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The Worst Mistakes You're Making When Waxing at Home

While it's helpful to go to a wax salon for larger areas, sometimes when you're in a bind (and hairy!,) you want to just do it yourself and head out the door. Smaller areas like the chin and lip require precision and a delicate touch in order to protect the skin and efficiently pull those hairs. That's why it's important to get some tips from the pros and to avoid common waxing mistakes that can happen when you're taking the reins yourself. Here are a few errors to watch out for!
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Hurry Up and Get in on Sephora's Huge Beauty Insider Event - We Have the Deets!

Have any weekend plans? Now, you definitely do. Sephora is having its annual Spring Bonus Sale for Beauty Insiders, and you're going to want to be all over this while it lasts. The sale will run from April 20 to 23 and grants certain benefits to shoppers who subscribe to different tiers of Sephora's loyalty program. If you're a Beauty Insider, you get 10 percent off most everything - yup, even Fenty Beauty - with the code YAYINSIDER. VIB and Rouge members can score 15 percent off with the code...
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The Brand Behind That Viral Bum Bum Cream Now Makes Bath Bombs

Your bum - nay, your entire body - is about to get super happy. That's because Sol de Janeiro, the brand behind that viral Brazilian Bum Bum Cream ($45), has launched a bath bomb inspired by its popular lotion. Yup, you can now soak your entire fine self in the decadent guarana and coconut fragrance. Much like the moisturizer, this bath bomb works best to hydrate dry skin. Even if you're maxed out of PTO, you'll instantly be transported to a Brazilian beach once you get a whiff of the sea salt...
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Tweezer Sharpeners Exist, and They're Only $4

Ever gone to pluck away those stray brow hairs, only to find you're pulling all skin and no hair? If so, you probably need to sharpen those bad boys. The good news? Blunt tweezers don't necessarily need to be replaced; all they need is a good sharpening. And no, you don't need to send them back to have it done for you. A Reddit hack has recently gone viral reminding people that nail files can actually sharpen tweezers. While this is a great hack if you're on the go, there's actually a much bet...
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Ouai's Sun of a Beach Spray Will Give You the Highlights of Your Summer Dreams

Remember Sun-In, that old go-to for beachy blond hair? Often, the results were horrifying. Moms everywhere quivered with fear when their children learned about the magical spray meant to lighten your hair without bleach. But things have changed; technology has improved and we've gotten smarter as a beauty community. We say all this because one of our favorite brands, Ouai, is launching a sun spray of its own. Ouai gave us yacht hair and skin, courtesy of rose oil; foam everything, from dry sham...
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Sephora Launched a Starter Kit For Acne-Prone Skin - and It's SUCH a Good Deal

Hot off the release of its sleeper hit Sun Safety Kit, Sephora has dropped another set that's chock-full of your favorite brands. This time, the bundle of products tackles a different but just as major skincare concern: acne! This nine-piece kit contains brands like Caudalie, Drunk Elephant (sup, Babyfacial?), Farmacy, Fresh, Kate Somerville, and Peter Thomas Roth. But thankfully, the under $40 price won't make you break out. This Sephora Favorite Power of the Petal ($38) set contains treatme...
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"Eeeowww" Is Right! Cardi B Just Got a Makeup-Lover's Dream Gift From Jennifer Lopez

A post shared by Cardi B Official IG (@iamcardib) on Apr 19, 2018 at 10:32am PDT Cardi B received the beauty gift of all beauty gifts from none other than Jennifer Lopez. The 25-year-old rapper took to social media to show off the gorgeous rose gold briefcase she received, which was filled with Jennifer's Inglot collection. The bundle even featured a big mirror and a bedazzled compartment with Cardi's name. "Can ya believe I'm getting a gift from J Lo?" she asked on Instagram. "Oh we ...
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In Her Latest Pantene Ad, Priyanka Chopra Makes a Case For Being Nice

As much as we love a good Jimmy Kimmel "Celebrities Read Mean Tweets" segment, we have to admit that the world would be a better place if people were nicer online. And we're not alone: that's precisely the message Priyanka Chopra is trying to spread in her latest Pantene ad. In the video above, the 35-year-old actress and brand ambassador agrees to read comments left on her social media accounts. At first, she reads negative feedback such as, "I would call Priyanka fish-lipped, but I don't w...
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Hey Skin Care Junkies! Here Are 24 Editor-Approved Face Masks to Try in 2018

The best way to give your skin a pick-me-up is with a face mask. There are so many options packed with ingredients that brighten, tighten, fight acne, and so much more. Whether you prefer peel-off, clay, or a sheet mask, we curated a list of our favorite options for 2018. Check them out and put your best face forward.
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CVS' First Unretouched Beauty Campaign Is Here - and It's Breathtaking

One more reason to love drugstore beauty: CVS Pharmacy has released its first-ever unretouched beauty campaign. This latest series of ads fulfills the promise the chain made back in January to . Each photo is adorned with a "CVS Beauty Mark," a seal that highlights non-retouched models. In a press release sent to POPSUGAR, CVS defined "digitally altered" as "changing or enhancing a person's shape, size, proportion, skin or eye color, wrinkles, or any other individual characteristics." The image...
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CVS's First Unretouched Beauty Campaign Is Here - and It's Breathtaking

One more reason to love drugstore beauty: CVS Pharmacy has released its first-ever unretouched beauty campaign. This latest series of ads fulfills the promise the chain made back in January to . Each photo is adorned with a "CVS Beauty Mark," a seal that highlights non-retouched models. In a press release sent to POPSUGAR, CVS defined "digitally altered" as "changing or enhancing a person's shape, size, proportion, skin or eye color, wrinkles, or any other individual characteristics." The image...
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Multimasking Is the Most Efficient Way to Give Yourself a Facial

We're going to let you in on a beauty editor secret - one mask is never enough. You have to layer your products for the best results. So, of course, we're 100 percent behind the new Instagram skin care craze: multimasking. Multimaskers recommend using several different treatments at the same time to get a customized skin remedy (which is exactly what an esthetician does during your facial). Always getting breakouts around your nose? Apply charcoal or clay in that area. Got dry cheeks? Use a hyd...
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Guys, We Need to Talk About How Gosh Darn CUTE These Disney Eye Masks Are

A post shared by SpoiledBrat™ (@spoiledbratuk) on Apr 19, 2018 at 3:17am PDT Look, I write about cute sh*t for a living. Most adorable things do not phase me. But y'all better take a look at these new Mad Beauty Disney Eye Masks - these babies are so effing delightful, I just might cry. This new skincare iteration is made by Mad Beauty, the brand that gave us those princess sheet masks and the self-care advent calendar. Related: ...
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Hold the Phone - You Won't Believe These 5 Palettes Are on Sale For 1 Week Only!

If you're a fan of Sephora's Weekly Wow sale, you're not alone. Every Thursday the megaretailer drops insane new products at discounted prices, and this week did not disappoint. In addition to a plethora of other products, it features some of the hottest palettes out there right now. From big names like Urban Decay, Milk, and yes, even Anastasia Beverly Hills, prepare to want to spend all your money at once! Don't wait too long though, because these deals last for one week only. Shop before they...
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We're Falling in Love With LA Splash's New, Super Glittery Eyeliner

Leave it to LA Splash Cosmetics to deliver on products we can't help but covet. For those unfamiliar, this is the brand responsible for bringing us the Disney-inspired Studioshine Lip Lustre collection, the Smitten LipTint Mousse collection that was inspired by Harry Potter characters, and a seriously gorgeous set of liquid lipsticks based on classic horror movies. The brand just announced on Instagram that it has launched the Wickedly Divine Eyes collection, a 24-piece set of intensely pigmen...
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The A-Z of Tiny Alphabet Tattoos

Whether you've got a taste for tiny tattoos and you're looking to add to your collection, or you're just venturing into the world of ink, you might want to consider the alphabet. If the reason for marking your body is to tribute a loved one, an initial shout-out is the simplest (and most stylish) way of doing so. It's also a great choice if you're planning a matching tattoo with a best friend or SO, or remembering a lost one from your past. To fuel you with an alphabet of ideas, read on for the ...
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