Red-bellied Snake Next To Turkey Track

My two brothers and I were hiking the Ouachita National Forest here in Arkansas this past weekend. One of my brothers spotted this Red-bellied Snake crossing an old 4-wheeler road we were on. If you look close you can also see a Turkey track in the mud next to the snake.

I only had my small pocket camera on this hike so I wasn't able to get any close-up photos. I still like this photo because it shows how small this snake is compared to the Turkey track.

I hope I got the id correct on this snake. I researched it by going to Herps of Arkansas. Two subspecies, the Florida Red-bellied Snake, and subspecies Northern Red-bellied Snake occur in Arkansas. The Florida Red-bellied subspecies typically has a yellowish or orangish belly rather than red. I wished I would have checked to see what color belly it had.

The Red-bellied snake is a small woodland snake, ranging from 4 - 10 inches long. This species is one of our most variably-colored snakes, with some individuals ranging from bright orange to brown, gray, or nearly black. Occasionally individuals are found that are gray with a brown or orange stripe down the center of the back.

Red-bellied snakes are generally very secretive and can be found hiding under logs, rocks, and leaf piles. They feed nearly exclusively on slugs.


Red-bellied Snake - 090917-1861 Red-bellied Snake Next to Turkey Track - Ouachita National Forest - Arkansas



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