You Won't Be Able to Handle How Cute Huda Beauty's New Lip Tins Are

You Won t Be Able to Handle How Cute Huda Beauty s New Lip Tins Are

A post shared by Huda Kattan (@hudabeauty) on Oct 31, 2017 at 11:36pm PDT

It's easy to lose your sh*t over cute beauty product packaging. But when the contents inside of that adorable box are even better, you know you've picked a winner. So when a beloved line like Huda Beauty releases a Contour and Lip Strobe Set ($38) where a matte, gloss, and lip pencil all live inside a need-it-now, pout-shaped tin, well, that's just a double whammy of fabulous.

As the name implies, Cult Beauty is an online hub of obsession-worthy beauty brands that include Huda along with Anastasia Beverly Hills, The Ordinary, and Pixi. Every month, the store features a brand to #bless beauty-lovers with free shipping. For all of November, the spotlight's on Huda. So if you chose to indulge in such a cutie-patootie package, you'll get it shipped (from the UK) for free.

The kit comes in four colors: Muse & Angelic (a bright flamingo), Bombshell & Ritzy (a neutral with orange undertones), Trend Setter & Snobby (a burnt rose), and Trophy Wife & Shameless (a hot pink). If you've tried Huda's lip strobes, you know the tubes are hoard-worthy (confession: I have a collection of about eight at my desk right now that I should totally gift but am keeping all to myself like the greedy girl I am). The formula is full-coverage but conditioning and paints an absolutely gorgeous sheen over the lips.

'Tis the season of giving, so any beauty-lover would truly appreciate these kits. But also, you deserve a treat, so we totally approve of you scooping one up just for your own damn self.

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