Meghan Markle Takes Brow Inspiration From This Iconic Actress

Meghan Markle Takes Brow Inspiration From This Iconic Actress

Meghan Markle's neat, full brows (which were not immune to mid-aughts overplucking, mind you!) are probably going to become inspiration for many salon-goers. After all, word on the street is her nose has already inspired a new trend of rhinoplasty. But where does Meghan get her inspiration from? The answer is: a film icon who's most famous movie poster you totally hung in your college dorm room.

According to Harper's Bazaar UK, since moving to the UK, Meghan has left her arch maintenance in the hands of Mayfair, London, salon Nails & Brows. Founder Sherrille Riley says that Meghan opts for a service dubbed "The Audrey" - named after a certain Ms. Hepburn.

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Riley called the style "modern, elegant, and super flattering. . . . You really can't go wrong with 'The Audrey.'" Why does it work so well on Meghan's face? "You'll notice that her brows are straight and archless, lifting slightly upwards towards the end of her brows. This helps to lift her eyes whilst balancing her features."

If you need any more proof that Meghan and Audrey are cosmic brow twins, then come take a gander at the photographic evidence ahead.

Meghan Markle Takes Brow Inspiration From This Iconic Actress
Image Source: Paramount Pictures

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