The 5 Perfumes That Will Make Your Valentine Say, "Hubba Hubba"

The 5 Perfumes That Will Make Your Valentine Say,  Hubba Hubba

If you're eager to make an impression this Valentine's Day, you've probably already got your outfit picked out and your makeup in mind - but you might have forgotten a significant finishing touch: your fragrance.

Fragrance can have a powerful effect on our mood and confidence, and it might even leave a lasting impression on your date. While I was looking for the perfect sexy-romantic scents for my next date night, I stumbled upon a post in the Sephora Beauty Insider Community that recommended some scents straight from other beauty addicts.

I tried some of the suggestions and added a few of my own so you can be sure to smell completely alluring to your date (or, as in my case, your best friend and roommate).

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