OPEN POST: #GagOrder Khia Drags Drag Queen TS Madison For Bashing Black Women… (VIDEO) #TheQueensCourt #QCDocket


Another day, another Khia and/or TS Madison post.

Mr. Hinton was dragged unmercifully yesterday after he tried to ‘drag’ me online with his ‘REAL WOMEN’ with ‘stank puss’ commentary.

[READ: How Dreadful!! Former Queens Court Co-Host TS Madison Hinton Reveals Disdain for “Real Women” (VIDEO)]

Needless to say, Madison’s impromptu roast and gag didn’t sit well with many “Real Women” and even quite a few gay men who reached out to Khia to add Mr. Timonthy Hinton to the docket.

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February 27, 2018 at 2:16 PM GAG ORDER: Khia Shares Nicki Minaj Story + Drags TS Madison (Again)… (VIDEO) #GAGOrder #TheQueensCourt