Puss in boots

I wish I had had the camera with me during my regular afternoon walk with Tasha on Sunday. As we left the yard and headed out into the vineyard, I noticed that Bert the cat was tagging along. I figured he'd stop following as we passed the pond because he likes to hunt around the edges of the water. But no, he kept up.
Puss in boots This is what I call the "South 40" and will be the first section of the yard that I cut on Tuesday.
There was no lagging behind. Bert trotted happily along side me during the whole walk, even when Tasha and I turned off and headed through the vines toward the woods. He walked with us through the tall grass and then back to the road and finally through the gate back home. I've never seen such a thing. A cat going on a walk with a dog (Ken says Bert did this once with Callie. Once).
I did get some clean-up done in the back yard on Sunday. I collected two wheelbarrows-full of sticks and twigs that were blown down during winter's winds. There are still more out on the north side, so I'll be working on that today. And I'll be changing the oil in the mower and tiller. I think that Tuesday and Wednesday will be grass-cutting days.

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