We Found The Best Fragrance For Every Type Of Dad

We Found The Best Fragrance For Every Type Of Dad

In popular culture, dads are too often given the short end of the character-development stick. They watch TV, ride a lawnmower, cook meat (and the occasional zucchini) on the grill, and otherwise fit into a heteronormative mold of singular masculinity, a made-up ideal of what being a dad "should" look like. Screw that!

Just like each and every grain of sand is totally unique, so is every dad on God's green earth. A dad is a person, first and foremost, not just an actor in a sitcom who makes really lame jokes. Dads have different interests. They have different jobs, different hobbies, different lifestyles — you know, there isn't just one type of dad stuff.

So this Father's Day, don't just buy your dad whatever the best-selling men's fragrance of the moment might be. Buy him a scent he'll really like; something that speaks to him on a personal level as an individual, to his love of sailing or his heritage or the fact that he owns the entire James Bond movie franchise on DVD and Blu-Ray. Six very different fragrances for six very different types of dad, ahead...

We Found The Best Fragrance For Every Type Of Dad

Your dad might be a full three generations off the boat, but that hasn't stopped him from holding fast to his Italian heritage as if it was just yesterday he set sail over the Mediterranean, waving goodbye to his weeping famiglia as the ship drifted away from the shore. He greets your friends with a kiss on both cheeks, won't let any guests leave the house without first sampling his homemade limoncello, and always signs off his texts with "ciao." The juicy tang of this summery fragrance is like the orange-peel garnish twisted over the rim of a Negroni, with fresh bergamot and pepper for brightness and balance.

Dolce & Gabbana, $68, available at Sephora We Found The Best Fragrance For Every Type Of Dad

Your dad was born in Ohio, but he was a mariner in a past life and he knows it. He blew all his retirement savings on a small fishing boat in the midst of a midlife crisis, and it was only the second-worst mistake he's ever made; the first, he says, was marrying your mother. Now he takes to the water every chance he gets. (These two things are not unrelated.) And when he can't, he'll enjoy this mineral aquatic scent with notes of bergamot and basil verbena, which smells uncannily like the sea if the sea also smelled kind of like a gin and tonic.

Ralph Lauren, $69, available at Sephora We Found The Best Fragrance For Every Type Of Dad

It's 2018, people have sex with robots in real life, and the robots on TV are more human than the humans. But your dad still loves cowboy boots, hand-rolled cigarettes, George Strait, and the idea that he'll one day "settle down" on a 50-acre farm in Wyoming with palomino horses and a crooked wooden fence. (So what if he just turned 65?) With its earthy sagebrush, wild thyme, and ambergris, this fragrance is dusty in the best way, like the smoldering ashes of Sonoran sweet-acacia branches burned for warmth on a chilly southwestern night.

D.S. & Durga, $175, available at We Found The Best Fragrance For Every Type Of Dad

Your dad is charming, resourceful, and always saves the day, come hell or high water. This unusual eau de cologne combines the dark, smoky depth of black tea with piquant, not-quite-fruity black lime to appeal to the side of him that loves a good adventure, like tracking down the location of a certain authentic Fabergé egg that's believed to have been stolen by the Soviets. If only he would stop requesting his venti pomegranate iced green teas "shaken, not stirred" at his local suburban Starbucks.

Hermès, $95, available at Sephora We Found The Best Fragrance For Every Type Of Dad

It happens every time: The whole family is dressed and ready to head to the function (how is it even possible that another one of your cousins is getting married?), and then you realize there's someone missing. It's dad! Again. Is he changing his shoes? Fixing his hair? Who knows — but he won't leave the house until his look is on point. Of course, a look is never complete without the perfect bold, refined fragrance, and this crisp scent, which pairs smooth bergamot and cedarwood with the bite of ginger, is just that.

Yves Saint Laurent, $72, available at Sephora We Found The Best Fragrance For Every Type Of Dad

Technically your dad works from the hours of nine to five Monday through Friday, but when he's not dealing with paperwork, you can also find him "working" in the shed: chopping wood, chopping more wood, making the odd birdhouse, and whistling tunes to the squirrels, rocking a flannel shirt and suspenders like it's 1912. If Paul Bunyan had a signature fragrance, it would be this strong, spicy blend of cypress, frankincense, and vetiver.

Aesop, $125, available at LuckyScent

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