What’s Your Favorite Holiday 2018 Makeup Collection or Palette So Far?

Hey everyone!

I’m currently propped up in bed and thinking about ALL the stuff I need to do but can’t because this cold is kicking my ass like you would not believe. Someone suggested on Twitter (hi Morgan!) that now is a good time to catch up on my k-dramas but I’m coughing so hard I can’t concentrate! She also suggested I catch up on my Sims and gaming streams and that was like the best idea evers, thanks again Morgan! So, I’ve been busy trying to catch up any of Joseph’s streams he did recently since I’m way behind! That’s been keeping me busy for a while. I missed a lot of his Dead by Daylight live streams which sucks :-/

I also fell down a rabbit hole of watching Kids Incorporated on youTube all because I watched Monster Squad this morning! Who freaking remembers that show!? Fergie got her start on there!

But anyway!

I was also looking over some boxes of Holiday makeup I purchased and I was wondering what’s your favorite Holiday 2018 Makeup Collection so far? I have to admit I’m loving the NARS Advent Calendar and I’m glad I purchased it. It’s stunning!

As I said in a prior post though Holiday 2018 Makeup Collections are a bit of a snore for me. I haven’t really found anything calling my name out yet. I don’t have a favorite thus far but I’m hoping for something to grab me as we get deeper into the Holiday season!

How about you?

Do you have any favorite Holiday 2018 Makeup Collections, gift sets, or palettes?

Do share them!

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