Evolution of the Wall Clock


Designer Daeun Joung’s latest concept looks like nothing more than a three-dimensional piece of wall art… but it’s that and more. The sculptural design actually triples as a short throw projector and wireless speaker.

Disguised as art on your wall, it frees up the surface real estate that most wireless speakers occupy. Working in tandem with the COZY app on your phone, the design can stream your favorite tunes and display a variety of customized notifications on your wall. Sync it up to preview a live stream of the news or make it display the weather, time, and stocks.

Designer: Daeun Joung




Tags: Design, Audio, Speakers, Speaker, Projector, Product Design, Cozy, Daeun Joung

Source:  http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/yankodesign/~3/FIQ2BEq6VLk/

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