Gong Xi Fa Cai Cina Babi is Now A Hate Speech on Facebook

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Happy Chinese New Year. This Chinese New Year is the ‘Year of the Pig’ or ‘Year of Babi’. I just jokingly wished one of my friends ‘gong xi fa cai cina babi’ in her photos and minutes later, I have to relog in my Facebook account.

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At first, I thought my Facebook got hacked so I need to relog in into my account but I received a warning from Facebook.

facebook hate speech

My comment ‘gong xi fa cai cina babi’ is considered as hate speech by Facebook and this goes against their community standard. I am not joking guys. If you comment ‘gong xi fa cai cina babi’ will get you into trouble.

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Thus, Facebook takes my comments very seriously as it is hate speech as language that attacks people based on their race, ethnicity and more.

facebook hate speech decision

I was given a choice to accept decision to ‘hide’ the comment or you can request Facebook to review that comment.

To make things simple, I just accepted the decision to hide that comment.

facebook community guidelines

What does ‘gong xi fa cai cina babi’ means? It sort of means ‘Wishing you to have abundant wealth Chinese Pig’. ‘Cina Babi’ is a racist term for Chinese by other races and it simply means ‘Chinese pig’. You don’t hear it openly accept if there is a confrontation or something. Sometimes, people to make jokes by saying that to your friends. Now, everyone seems to by hypersensitive by this issue including Facebook (which is a good thing).

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So please don’t go comment ‘gong xi fa cai cina babi’ or else you will get into trouble with Facebook. Thank you Facebook for making Facebook a safer and better social media network.

Happy Chinese New Year everyone and don’t greet your friends ‘Gong Xi Fa Cai Cina Babi’.

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