Apple AirPods 2 rumours: Deeper bass and more sensors

Apple AirPods AirPower wireless charging earbuds earphones wireless listening The follow up to Apple’s popular wireless earbuds are on the way and we have new rumours about what they might feature.

A report from My Smart Price has suggested some of the new features we can expect from Apple’s 2nd generation of AirPods. The AirPods are expected to launch later this year, though details of what they’ll be introducing are scarce there are new rumours to get excited about.

The information given to My Smart Price comes from one of their ‘trusted sources” so may not be real. They say that the Airpods 2 will look pretty much the same in appearance but with a new coating to improve grip. A useful addition considering the high cost of the tiny and easily lost earbuds. It’s apparently a similar coating Apple plan to use on the “high-end” iPhone 11.

The audio quality will reportedly be improved thanks mostly to an improved bass response making for superior low-end playback. They will also include advanced sensors, according to the source, potentially for health features like heart rate monitoring. Their extra features will come at a price as the earbuds are expected to cost $200, $41 more than the 1st generation.

The ‘trusted source’ has also given information on Apple’s AirPower wireless charging pad. The AirPower will launch this Spring according to the source alongside Apple’s wireless charging case for their first generation of AirPods. The wireless charging pad will offer wireless charging to the latest iPhones with “exclusive features”.

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