The Best Privacy Screen Protectors for Your iPhone

 Smartphone screens are getting bigger and brighter every year. It’s a nice change of pace, but how do you keep prying eyes away from your beautifully clear iPhone screen?

Whenever you’re using a phone or computer in public, you need to keep your privacy in mind. You might not be the kind of person that looks over shoulders to read text messages, but there are plenty of nosy people in the world, and some of them have malicious intents. That’s why it’s important to use a screen protector that has a built-in privacy filter.

Back in 2015, 3M and Ponemon teamed up to study “visual hacking.” This is a simple method of hacking where nefarious folks obtain usernames, passwords, and other sensitive information by watching people’s computer screens from across the room. It turns out that the low-tech method of “visual hacking” is surprisingly effective, and visual hackers can expect their beady eyes to obtain sensitive information with a 91% success rate.

Now, before you say “phones and laptops aren’t the same thing, I don’t need a privacy filter on my iPhone,” take a second to hear me out. You type everything on your phone using an on-screen keyboard. You use your phone in public every day. Phones are communication devices, and any type of private communication (especially email) carries sensitive information. If you’re using a work phone, the tiniest details on your screen could compromise a lot of peoples’ security.

Don’t worry too much about the creepy haiku’s and Netflix login information that you’ve texted to significant others in the middle of a busy Dunkin Donuts. That’s in the past, and we’re worried about the future. Privacy filters are a great way to protect your laptop screen from prying eyes, and phones are no different. There are plenty of high-quality screen protectors that have built-in privacy filters, you just have to find one that fits your iPhone. Lucky for you, we’ve taken the time to find the best privacy screen protectors for each (usable) iPhone on the market.

iPhone X and XS ($12)

If you don’t have a screen protector on your expensive iPhone X or XS, then you need to reflect on the decisions that you’ve made up to this point. You should probably grab at least one screen protector, if not more. And since the X has a high-contrast, easy to read OLED screen, you should probably make sure that your screen protector has a built-in privacy filter.

Luckily, Maxboost sells 3-packs of powerful tempered glass screen protectors for just $12. These screen protectors have built-in privacy filters that will keep any nosy nerds from stealing your credit card info when you decide to pay your bills at the last minute in a Denny’s lobby.

Buy on Amazon iPhone XR ($10)

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