Facebook And Instagram Are Both Down, The Apocalypse Is Nigh

Nobody panic NOBODY PANIC

The end is here. The sky has blackened, the seas have dried up, and Facebook and Instagram are both down. The Facebook home page claims that it’ll be up and running “in a few minutes” but it’s said that for the past three hours so at this point it just feels like a sick joke. Where are we supposed to go?? Who are we supposed to turn to??

Don’t be afraid, friends - Twitter is here.

Ah, Twitter. Shelter from the storm. Safe haven for displaced Facebook and Instagram refugees. A baby blue beacon of hope.

That’s exactly where everyone has flocked to this morning, to express their grievances and huddle together for warmth amid this catastrophic social media armageddon.

Facebook AND Instagram are down?! pic.twitter.com/mZfYhl1Wmg

— Cassandra Lee Morris (@SoCassandra) March 13, 2019

#InstagramDown #FacebookDown
Everyone: pic.twitter.com/DhKwzyau7n

— Rada Ali (@R_admillla) March 13, 2019

instagram and facebook are down and twitter is removing likes and retweets i’m done with this shit catch me on linkedin

— viking (@notviking) March 13, 2019

Have you tried turning it off and back on again?

— Eric du Toit (@ericsdutoit) March 13, 2019

Life without Facebook and Instagram #FACEBOOKDOWN pic.twitter.com/MoxzzRQZOj

— theCHIVE (@theCHIVE) March 13, 2019

When insta and Facebook both have the audacity to be down #instagramdown #facebookdown pic.twitter.com/BaBjKVVZj9

— rosali (@rose_r1234) March 13, 2019

Me: OMG #FacebookDown and #InstagramDown. What'll I do?!

Twitter: pic.twitter.com/5urzoI6R2x

— Joy Sushinsky, Realtor (@JoySushinsky) March 13, 2019

facebook and instagram are down and the president hasn't declared a national state of emergency? the silence is deafening

— gracie hoos (@cottoncandaddy) March 13, 2019

damn facebook is down now how am i supposed to see girls from my hometown share tasty recipe videos

— James (@CaucasianJames) March 13, 2019

Facebook not working
Instagram not working
WhatsApp not working
Twitter says hi

— ✨ Nev. ✨ (@chuuyaholic) March 13, 2019

It’s been two hours of #instagram, #facebook, & #whatsapp being down.
Me: pic.twitter.com/lhJBBFC9zw

— Nina Jade (@modelninajade) March 13, 2019

Stay strong everyone.

[Author: Kelci Grammar]

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