Newborn Photography: How To Plan Everything By Yourself

How To Plan Everything By Yourself

Welcoming a newborn child in your life is a blessing. Enjoying every second that you spend with your little one is the best thing to do at the moment. As all parents notice when they have a baby, time starts going by so fast that you start missing these short seconds. This is where newborn photo shoots intervene. Having your child photographed by a professional is both a popular trend nowadays and a great way to keep your memories alive all the time.

Of course, like any other person, you will invest time and attention in planning every single detail about this photo shoot, along with the photographer you choose. It’s best to plan the newborn photo shoot early and put together all the aspects related to it because once the little one arrives, you will find it troubling to squeeze all the tasks in one single week. Most of your time will be dedicated to the newborn child, and you definitely don’t want to add unnecessary stress to your daily routine which is already complicated. Here are some tips that should help you plan the newborn photo shoot in advance:

Schedule everything as soon as possible

Even though you believe you have time, once chores and tasks will start to emerge in your life, you won’t find it easy to put together the simplest events. This is the reason why you should start planning the photo shoot early, preferably while you are still pregnant. Start by researching different photographers and photo shoot themes.

Keep in mind that a newborn photo shoot should take place somewhere around the first two weeks after birth. Squeezing this event among the many other things you’ll have to handle is pretty tricky. Research photographers and discuss with them about the photo shoot details. Once you’ve decided on the date and photographer, start thinking about the outfits and props you would like to see in the portraits. Allow yourself a lot of time to plan everything out. Rushing leads to stress, and that is exactly what you want to avoid at the moment.

Communicate, communicate, communicate!

Next, you should understand that the easiest and safest way to obtain the result you imagined is to communicate efficiently with your photographer . If you have a certain photograph in your mind and you would like to recreate it with your newborn, find a reference picture and show it to your photographer. Again, feel free to tell your photographer if your little one has special requirements and you need often breaks for feeding. Remember that this activity should be a pleasurable one for you, for your child and for the photographer. In order to make sure everything will go the way you planned and imagined, always discuss with your photographer and don’t hold your ideas back.

Your ideas should match the photographer’s style

Matching your own ideas with the photographer’s style is a requirement. While you research multiple baby photographers, you will notice that each one has a different style. If your ideas do not match this style, you should opt for another person to handle your photo shoot. It is a matter of preference and vision. It’s important to understand that you can’t imprint your own vision to a photographer’s work because each and every artist has a unique style, which is exactly the one that makes the photographs so great. Learn how to work with the photographer to achieve a final result that suits both your requirements and his style. You can research photographers and their individual approach here .

Packing the emergency bag

You never know what can occur during a newborn photo shoot. This is why it is important to prepare an emergency bag, to avoid frantically running back home and selecting a new outfit because of a stain you didn’t notice. This bag should contain some diapers, two different outfits for your little one, in case you want to change the clothes between different photo shoot themes, any item that is related to nursing, pacifiers and other items that you consider relevant for this event. Keep in mind that you should feed your baby 30 minutes prior to the photo shoot . This will calm the baby down, he may fall asleep in the process and the photos will be just adorable.  

Be patient

Both you and your photographer will have to be very patient. You never know what mood your newborn will have that day, so be prepared for any kind of situation that may occur. Each and every moment of it is going to be worth it in the end.  

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