The Accordion Touch Light can alternate between being a lantern and a table-lamp!

PÆR Design’s Accordion Touch light is as playful as it is inventive! It uses a light source and a collapsible accordion-style shade that can be used to convert the light from a focused table-lamp to a more diffused lantern. The light, aside from having a dual-arrangement, also features a wooden handle that also supplements as a stand!

The Accordion Touch Light comes with a touch-sensitive switch on the back of the light-module and can be used to easily (and gently) switch the light on or off without knocking it over. Keep it on your desk for a focused light, or your bedside table for a warm diffused glow, or even carry it around like a flashlight, the battery-powered Accordion Touch Light is sure to add a touch of brightness to spaces as well as lives!

Designer: PÆR Design

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