A Beautifully Minimalistic Rock Lamp

Sometimes it’s the strikingly beautiful properties of natural, raw materials that makes a product as desirable as it is, and this can certainly be said for the COTE Lamp. This minimal desk lamp takes jagged fragments of rocks, and encapsulates them within a cylindrical form that sits at the base of the lamp. The concave top makes for a useful dish for holding loose change and keys!

The natural, uneven aesthetic of the base is juxtaposed with the clean, uniform lines of the rest of the metal lamp. This creates an attention-stealing sense of imbalance that brings an element of visual interest to this wonderfully unique, sculpture-like desk accessory!

Designer: Sasha Hamolin

Tags: Design, Lamp, Lighting, Product Design, Cote Lamp, Sasha Hamolin

Source:  http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/yankodesign/~3/Xln0xxYORt8/

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