Bartenders share 13 things they'd love to tell customers but can't

bartender drinksWhile you may have the liquid courage to say whatever you want in a bar, there are some things that bartenders just won't tell you, even if it's to everyone's benefit.

So Business Insider asked more than 30 bartenders to weigh in on what they'd love to tell customers but can't.

We've anonymously included some of the more constructive insights here:

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'Please don't order vodka'

"You're nice when you stick with beer, but a demon on spirits."

'Use cash to pay for a single drink'

"Running credit cards is more time consuming than a cash transaction, and the tiny tip from one drink is not worth my extra time."

Proceed ordering mixed drinks with caution

"Almost no restaurants or bars clean their ice machines as regularly as they're supposed to. "

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