New Algerian premier promises broad government, urges dialogue

New Algerian premier promises broad government, urges dialogueNoureddine Bedoui laid out his plans at a news conference in Algiers three days after ailing President Abelaziz Bouteflika announced his decision not to run for a fifth term that would have extended his 20 years in power. Bouteflika's move came after tens of thousands of Algerians staged demonstrations demanding an overhaul of a political system dominated by veterans of the 1954-62 war of independence against colonial power France. "Algerians were expecting Bedoui to provide answers, which he did not," Hassen Zitouni, 25, a young protestor, told Reuters NEW GOVERNMENT Prime Minister Bedoui, who replaced Ahmed Ouyahia on Monday, said the new administration would be formed early next week.

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