Shape Up Collection by Roll & Hill

The Shape Up Collection of lighting by Roll & Hill was designed by Seattle-born, Brooklyn-based Ladies & Gentlemen Studio.
geometric modular pendant on cords
The largest of the pieces is Shape Up 5-Piece Chandelier, which perhaps does the best job of highlighting the geometric playfulness of the collection. A modular system of cords and hubs, Shape Up 5-Piece Chandelier can be composed “in response to a space’s architecture and function.” The Cone and Hemisphere are available in three finishes: blackened steel, brushed brass, and brushed copper.
detail of geometric cone-shaped shade
Another favorite is the Shape Up Double Pendant, which features a glass cylinder in Midnight. This is balanced by the Cone on the other end of the suspension lamp. The entire effect is whimsical (it reminds me of a drawing of a car engine I composed as a child).
dining room with modular chandelier above table
Add or delete components to create the various versions of Shape Up. Whatever the parts, the end result is the same—a stunning study of geometry and balance, with the added visual and tactile pleasure of cords and counterweights.
modular suspension chandelier
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