This Garfield Themed Restaurant Is Everything We Didn’t Know We Needed


Do you love lasagna and hate Mondays?

Well boy howdy do I have the restaurant for you.

Toronto is about to get the first eatery of its kind in North America, and it’s everything you could ever want — nostalgia, Italian food, sassy cats. That’s right, come April Canada will be home to a Garfield themed restaurant.

Which, really, I think the world desperately needs.

There’s already one open in Dubai, because of course Dubai is already all over this, and it sounds a m a z i n g .

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You know what pairs perfectly with #thursday ? PIZZA! @garfieldeatsapp order by calling 04 565 7685 or download their app for easy clicks.

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✔ Garfield shaped pizzas
✔ Lasagna
✔ Coffee appropriately named GARFUCCINOS (not real Italian but we’ll accept it)

AND Garfield Eats is a ‘mobile restaurant’, so if you have to go into the actual restaurant in person (ugh) instead of ordering online, you don’t even have to talk to anyone. You literally order through a mobile phone inside the restaurant, AND you get to play Garfield games or watch cartoons on the app while you wait for your order!

There’s honestly nothing I love more than getting carb and cheese-filled food without having to speak to a single human being, and I’m sure those are the exact values Garfield the cat would advocate, so it makes total sense that this is the business model.

Garfield Eats is hoping to go worldwide by 2025, for right now it looks like you’re going to have to travel to Toronto if you want some lasagna and Garfuccinos, and I know he’s usually pretty lazy, but I think Garfield would support traveling and making an effort in this case.

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