With its adjustable ring position, losing an earphone is a thing of the past!

As technology advances and popularity increases, the size of wireless earphones is dramatically decreasing. Whilst this not only makes the devices appear visually very similar to each other, more significantly it makes them extremely easy to lose! Both of these issues have been addressed with Pretzel, a unique and intriguing concept that certainly looks like a more practical alternative for the real world!

Pretzel’s distinguishing feature is the ring that sits on the external side of each device; the positioning of this soft-touch ring is adjustable so that it does not impede on the earphone’s comfort. A fabric loop elegantly attaches to each ring, connecting the devices together in a distinctive and visually interesting manner. Each of the earphones carries a simplistic and fuss-free aesthetic which has been enhanced through careful attention to detail at the CMF stage of the design process; texture and color separate the loop from the earphones, leading to a beautifully tactile and complete product.

Designer: Jaekyu Jung

Tags: Gadgets, Design, Audio, Product Design, CMF, Earphone, Jaekyu Jung, Pretzel earbuds

Source:  http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/yankodesign/~3/Co5yKaIt4FY/

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