Flea market find nightstand make-over

Flea market find nightstand make-over

This little nightstand had seen better days. With its drawer front off and huge scratches everywhere, I wasn’t sure I wanted to bother but my mom needed one for her guest room so I thought I would try bringing this one back to life.

Fixing the drawer was actually pretty easy. A little wood glue did the trick. I knew I wanted to replace the hardware so I filled in the original holes with some Minwax Wood Filler.

Next up, a paint job. When a piece has so many dings and scratches and isn’t really valuable enough for a true sanding/refinish, I pull out my Chalky Finish paint. The thick formula hides all sorts of blemishes and it sticks to anything.

I wanted to add a little bling and with the handles I had in mind, a bit of gold metallic paint was the perfect solution along the base.

After installing the new hardware that I picked out from Hobby Lobby, this piece was ready to be placed in its new home!

I am glad I gave this piece a second chance!

Flea market find nightstand make-over

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