White Suit with Spanish Flair

A new outfit from Carelia Morán of My Small Wardrobe, whom we introduced to YLF in July 2013.

Carelia is sporting a white denim outfit with lots of pizzazz. She’s combined white flares with a white, on-trend chore jacket which creates a polished casual suit effect. The full-length jeans are high-rise which lengthens the leg line, so do the white pointy-toe heels and jeans with an extra long length. Pairing the crisp jeans with a short-sleeved shirt in an exuberant floral print adds dramatic colour to the look. Knotting the blouse fully exposes the high rise for an extra elongating effect. Punchy red lipstick that matches the shirt, big earrings, and a patterned bag also dress up the outfit, while Carelia’s black bolero hat adds a touch of Spanish flair.

Carelia Morán - 2

Carelia Morán - 1

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