8 Protein Treatments That'll Give Your Natural Hair Some Extra Love

8 Protein Treatments That ll Give Your Natural Hair Some Extra Love

If you've noticed that your hair has been feeling extremely dry or damaged lately, or even if it's been a little more prone to breakage than usual, that's a sign that you might be due for a protein treatment. Protein treatments are exactly what they sound like: they're deep conditioners that use proteins (among other ingredients) to strengthen your hair, repair damage, and prevent breakage.

Hair naturally contains a protein called keratin, which can break down with chemical processing, heat damage, and sun exposure. That's why protein treatments are a crucial part of the process of maintaining healthy, natural hair. Of course, you don't have to run to your stylist any time you're in need of one, as you can easily buy one from a beauty retailer or drugstore near you. Protein treatments are usually labeled as "repairing" or "strengthening" hair masks, and they should be incorporated into your routine around once a month or whenever you feel your hair needs it.

If you're on the hunt for a product that can give your hair a little boost every once in a while, then read ahead to shop a few of our favorite protein treatments.

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