HTC Exodus 1S smartphone with Bitcoin Full Node capacity announced

Taiwanese tech brand HTC announced Exodus 1, the native blockchain smartphone in October 2018. Now, the company has announced Exodus 1S smartphone that comes with bitcoin(BTC) full node capacity and the company aims to bring to blockchain technology and crypto technology to a larger audience in Q3 2019. The Exodus 1S from HTC is the first smartphone ever to have full node capabilities containing the full Bitcoin blockchain. HTC said that it has been working on the project for some time and the biggest obstacle and hurdle for them was developing a device that could act as a true full node and hold the full Bitcoin blockchain on the device. The company also listed a set of technical challenges with the Exodus 1S. According to the company, the full Bitcoin blockchain is around 200 GB and is increasing at about 60 GB per year. Although the smartphone has the ability to support the pruned version at all times, an additional SD card will be required when full blockchain is used. The Exodus 1S will not be able to mine for bitcoin itself, but the company is said to be in touch with upcoming partners that will offer hashrates. The ecosystem depends on the operation ...

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