Find the Perfect Halloween Beauty Look For You, According to Your Sign

Find the Perfect Halloween Beauty Look For You, According to Your Sign

If you're the person who checks your horoscope before your email every morning and tries to guess your date's birth time right after meeting them, maybe you should let the stars determine your Halloween costume, too. Heads up: Mercury is turning retrograde on the spooky holiday, but according to the AstroTwins Ophira and Tali Edut, this does not have to spoil the good times. It might even be the perfect beauty inspiration for your look.

"Retrogrades turn us back to the past," Tali said. "So go retro with your costume choices, be cautious with random hookups, and remember: this is not the time to get too friendly with your friend's boo."

With this intel in mind, we've decided to round up the best beauty looks for each zodiac sign based on their character and personality traits, so you can outshine all the other sexy witches in the room this Halloween. Check them out ahead.

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