“I had an idea how the day would pan out but I went anyway” – a match report

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Edwardian went to Cambridge MCCU versus Worcestershire CCC at Fenner’s back in April.

Edwardian writes…

I had an idea how the day would pan out but I went anyway. I hadn’t been able to get to any of the county fixtures at Fenner’s so I decided to go, expecting to leave at lunchtime. This was Worcestershire’s second visit to play the MCCU, the last visit in 2014 ending in a draw.

I arrived before play, said hello to the Worcestershire captain, entered the pavilion and wandered about a bit.

I ate my sandwiches by 11.30am. I chose aubergine and garlic for the filling, leftovers from the night before. Surprisingly good. No beer.

I took in some of the conversations which ranged from relaxing the dress code in the Lord’s Pavilion, The Hundred as a money-making exercise for corporate events and cricketers who go by their middle names.

A WCCC supporter had named his child after Graeme Pollock. When  by chance, he met the man himself, he told him about it. Pollock replied, “What, Robert?” This stumped the WCCC chap. Curiously that was the child’s middle name.

Having fond memories of watching cricket at New Road in the early Nineties and having canoed across the ground when it was flooded, it was good to talk about cricket in Worcester and also living near the Worcestershire Sauce factory.

I left at lunchtime as the rain began, deciding to cook a roast lamb dinner. I checked the result when I got home. A draw.

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