Khloé Kardashian's Latest Manicure Uses This Magical "Milky White" Nail Polish Color

Khloé Kardashian s Latest Manicure Uses This Magical  Milky White  Nail Polish Color

We've finally gotten a close-up look at Khloé Kardashian's latest manicure - which she first previewed on Monday in her post debuting her new blunt bob - and it's one of her most magical ones yet.

Chaun Legend, the reality star and Good American founder's go-to manicurist as of late, posted a photo of her new look, which features what he called a "milky white" nail polish color. It has a celestial, glassy finish that is similar to the iridescent and pearly ones we've seen take over Instagram. While Kardashian might have gotten square-tipped extensions and used a gel polish (that was cured with an LED lamp) to create the look, there are simple, at-home lacquers you can use to re-create it without the help of a pro.

Check out her latest look and the under-$15 nail polishes you can use to try it yourself at home.

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