Feeling Down? Fight Back With These Top Tips!

Most people go through periods of feeling down. Some for longer than others. But fighting back is one of the most important things you can do. Sitting down and letting it swallow you up won’t do you or your loved ones any good. Instead, you need to try and push your way out of the slump. Unfortunately, it comes at different points of life. For some, middle age is a particularly hard period to get through. Others get it in their twenties or thirties. There’s no right or wrong. Everyone is different and you’re entitled to feel the way you feel, just don’t accept it as the norm.

These tips can help you try and get out of your slump. None might appeal to you, but if you just try them you might feel a little better. There’s one important caveat. You could be depressed.

Depression goes beyond feeling low. You should speak to your loved ones first then speak to a medical professional and you can go from there. 


Exercise is one of the best things you can do to start the journey of feeling better about yourself. It’s good for your mind and body. It also comes in a variety of different experiences that can suit the individual down to a tee. If you can’t exercise because you physically can’t due to an accident, then skip this point. However, if the accident wasn’t your fault you should consider personal injury specialist lawyers to help you get compensation. If you’re able, start slow. Walking is a great way to get exercise and get out of the house. Up it a level to running, or even joining a gym. If self-motivation isn’t what you’re great at, then consider joining a class like Crossfit. Motivation is much easier and if you can do this with friends you’ll have fun doing so. The hardest step is the first, but once you’ve taken it you won’t look back.

Find A New Hobby

It’s easier said than done. But you need to really dig into your passions. What do you love doing? Explore it. Maybe you’ve already got a hobby you haven’t interacted with much recently that you can revisit. Something you can find peace and enjoyment from. It could be writing. Or knitting. Maybe you’re someone who enjoys gaming or watching old films. Whatever your hobby is, go hard with it because when you’re doing that you’re not feeling down and out. If you don’t have any interests that immediately come to mind, check out these fun weekend hobbies you should consider. See what interests you and you’ll find something. 

Join A Class

This links to finding a hobby. It might be a little more extreme but it’ll certainly get you out of the home long enough to engage your brain with something different. Check your local colleges for day or night school classes. You could learn something to further your chosen career. Or you could learn something completely different. Languages are popular. Being bilingual is a great skill to have. You just need to make sure that you enter the class at the right level. You could go for a cooking class instead, or a photography course. The possibilities are endless. If you are focused on a hobby, you won’t be feeling down and out because you’ll be distracted having fun!

Get A Light Therapy Lamp

A lot of people get seasonal depression, especially if they live in the north eastern part of the US or Canada. Lack of daylight can really take a toll on you and your vitamin D levels can tank during the long winter months. Seasonal Affective Disorder is not as uncommon as you may think. Thankfully, SAD can be combatted with a light therapy lamp.

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