Why Has A Whole Series Of Private Art Museums Shut Down?

Just last year in L.A., the Marciano and the Main Museum ended operations, and the year before that, the Pasadena Museum of Californian Art. In recent years there have been similar closings in Paris, London, Vienna, Moscow, Cape Town, Beijing, and Chengdu. Georgina Adams identifies three reasons for these failures — funding, disengagement, and generational change — that boil down to the same thing: the danger of relying on a single founder-donor. – The Art Newspaper

Tags: Art, Chengdu, Visual, Marciano, 02.13.20, Pasadena Museum of Californian, Paris London Vienna Moscow Cape Town Beijing, Georgina Adams

Source:  http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/Artsjournal/~3/Xkbq5pcvcxs/why-has-a-whole-series-of-private-art-museums-shut-down.html

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