Zuckerberg’s Priority; BackRub & Burbn; 3 Strategies for Women

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…while I’m glad I did annual challenges over the last decade, it’s time to do something different. This decade I’m going to take a longer-term focus.   Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO

3 Strategies Women Can Use to Be Heard at Work --
This Fortune article details three ways women can deal with mansplaining, bropriating, and pre-ambling. It’s worth 1 minute for all leaders to read!

Zuckerberg’s 2020 New Year’s Resolution --
I’m a little late reporting on this, but each year since 2010 Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has set an annual challenge for himself – from learning Mandarin to programming his own AI robot assistant. This decade he’s decided to end these challenges. Instead, he plans to take a “longer term focus” starting with writing a 1500-word view of the coming decade. Notes Zuckerberg, in this Business Insider Australia article:

“Rather than having year-to-year challenges, I’ve tried to think about what I hope the world and my life will look in 2030 so I can make sure I’m focusing on those things,” he wrote. “By then, if things go well, my daughter Max will be in high school, we’ll have the technology to feel truly present with another person no matter where they are, and scientific research will have helped cure and prevent enough diseases to extend our average life expectancy by another 2.5 years.”

The article includes the full text of Zuckerberg’s note. It’s worth the 3 minutes to read, including Facebook’s focus on supporting small businesses around the globe, giving them the same tech access as large companies. 

Each Decade Had Its Own Tech Platform --
Zuckerberg addresses many broad topics in his manifesto One of those is “The Next Computing Platform.”  Writes Zuckerberg:

“The technology platform of the 2010s was the mobile phone. The platform of the 2000s before that was about the web, and the 1990s was the desktop computer. Each computing platform becomes more ubiquitously accessible and natural for us to interact with. While I expect phones to still be our primary devices through most of this decade, at some point in the 2020s, we will get breakthrough augmented reality glasses that will redefine our relationship with technology.”

Other topics include Generational Change, A New Private Social Platform, Decentralizing Opportunity, and New Forms of Governance.  It’s a thoughtful reflection on the coming decade, worth reading.

BackRub, Odeo, Burbn --
This Inc42 article highlights 10 companies that successfully rebranded. Did you know Google’s original name was BackRub (emphasizing the link-back feature of the technology)? Twitter was originally Odeo, and Instagram was Burbn, focused initially on location sharing. Take 1 minute to scan the article for seven more surprising rebrands. BTW, we did the same last year – rebranding Gazelles to Scaling Up. Might your brand need a refresh? Thank you to Scaling Up Certified coach Bill Gallagher for sending me this piece.

Meaningful work relationships the key to highly engaged and productive teams -- Meaningful_Work_20200214
Who are your best friends at work? Research shows that these relationships do a lot more than brighten your life in the office. Close work friends help keep employees motivated, productive, and highly engaged in their roles. Watch a short clip from Mo Fathelbab’s 1-hour learning suite,  7 Keys to Building Relationships , published on Growth Institute's  Scaling Up Club . For years, his central passion has been to help executives make communication breakthroughs through the power of relationships. If this is an idea you could use in your company, complete Mo's lesson through a 14-day free trial of Scaling Up Club. Check out the clip here!

Role of Business in Australia’s Future Prosperity --
This week we hosted our ScaleUp Summit in Sydney featuring several of Australia’s superstar business founders who have scaled significant firms using the Rockefeller Habits. Two of those founders include Shark Tank judges Naomi Simson and Glen Richards. And this week Australian Ben Kehoe published his book Innovation in Australia: Creating Prosperity for Future Generations . Australia is a country committed to lifestyle and recreation. Yet, notes Ben, “The creation of a prosperous nation demands a more robust and coherent vision. What does that look like? Is it possible? Business is the major platform for wealth creation (and therefore prosperity) in Australia and must play a bigger role.”

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