9 Olive-Oil-Infused Products That'll Keep Your Hair Moisturized For Days

9 Olive-Oil-Infused Products That ll Keep Your Hair Moisturized For Days

The olive oil sitting in your pantry has a lot of different benefits, and they're not all related to making your pasta taste good. In the same way that you'd use olive oil to cook some of your favorite dishes, you can also add it to your haircare regimen in a multitude of ways.

Olive oil is a moisturizing agent - not to be confused with a sealant - that can be used to hydrate your hair whenever it's in need of a little more love. Moisturizing oils are exactly what they sound like: they're oils that contain molecules small enough to penetrate the cuticle and hydrate the hair shaft. There are a handful of other popular oils that you can use a moisturizers, and if you're incorporating olive oil into your routine as a way to test out its benefits, you're not limited to just the oil that you cook with.

Read ahead to check out some of our favorite hair products made with olive oil.

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