Just Here

F rom the Kitchen. A small tall section of wall is all the wall there is. It's a dark day.

I would like to make a big long cloth to hang here. 

From the kitchenRight now,  a few pieces of the past, including a painting by my son while in high school, I like it because of the cloth in it. And of course it brings back memories.  Especially in these days when I cannot see him. He never liked it much.  I remember my Mom hanging stuff in her house that I never liked much. Maybe it's just natural for older folks to look back more and younger folks look forward.

Right now for me, it's both and not more of one than another. The affection.

I found my camera, charged it successfully and have noted to myself it takes a different kind of picture. I have been using my phone camera for a while. I got rid of my photo lights before I moved. I hope it is warm enough to film outside soon. The light in the house is not good and  having windows put in is not anything that will happen soon. The fridge doesn't work properly, but "in house" delivery is not available during this virus crisis.  The kitchen is upstairs so we cannot manage to move the old one out and a new one in. Hopefully it will last for a while. 

You know how when you hang larger cloth up with less tacks than necessary?...

Cloth smiling...and it seems for  a moment, before you fix that, that the cloth is smiling?  

YayThat tree outside the front door is blooming!

Patchwork in Perspective/Large Cloth (class?) begins here April first. No worries. No promises. Just going. 


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