Phone data on social distancing

Phone data on social distancing

In a world where just about everything is traceable, it does not come as a surprise that Americans’ cell phones are now a great way to track who is self-isolating and social distancing. Unacast, a company that collects and analyzes phone GPS location data, just revealed its “Social Distancing Scoreboard” that shows which residents around the country are actually abiding by the behavior encouraged by health officials.

Unacast compared current location data to data collected on a typical pre-pandemic day, and noted changes in distance traveled, time spent around the house, and activity clusters.

States where residents are excelling in social distancing are colored in green, while those needing improvement are colored orange.

Unacast social distancing map

Photo: Unacast

According to data collected from millions of cell phones, on March 20, Alaska, Nevada, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and Washington, DC, are currently doing the best at following social distancing protocol, while Oregon, New Mexico, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming are among those that need improvement.

Visit Unacast’s website to view the interactive map and see how your state is scoring. More like this: How to stay in shape at home when the gym is closed

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