You can use ANY image for your Zoom background

Don't be boring! If you still have to go to work meetings via Zoom's video calls, switch up the background to something interesting. Using the "virtual background" feature (once you're logged into the meeting), you can insert ANY image you want behind you. Share your flair with the people you work with!

May I suggest a few to get started?

Dune, complete with sandworm:

One of the many Scooby Doo backdrops:


or not:

Pee-wee suggests taking that meeting in his Playhouse:

(Pee-wee Herman)


-- the bridge of the Star Trek Enterprise

-- Planet Tatooine from Star Wars

What you got?

Zoom image/YouTube, Dune image via Google Search, Scooby Doo image via Dread Central, Playhouse image via Pee-wee Herman

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