How To Choose a Top Rated Blender

Choosing a blender can feel like a big task since a blender is one of the most essential pieces of kitchen equipment that you can use during food preparation. From whipping up grains and nuts to blending juices, mouth-watering desserts and protein-packed smoothies, it can help save you a lot of time and money. But before buying one it’s important that you research more about the functions, features and the different brands available to ensure that you get the best. 

Quality and top-rated blenders with the right features increase the blender’s shelf life. You can find out more and choose from one of the top rated blenders available and enjoy a range of delicious drinks, smoothies and foods. Whether you are choosing a blender for home use or need it for commercial purposes, here are tips on choosing a blender that is best for you.

Determine the function

Before settling down on a specific blender you need to figure out the intended function of the blender. What will you use the blender for? Is it for making juices and smoothies or pureeing cooked and frozen foods? This will enable you to know which features to go for such as the size of the blenders’ blade foot and how much it can handle. Apart from not only being efficient, a top rated blender saves time in the kitchen. 

Type of blender blade

The type of blade is a top feature when choosing a blender. This is because the blade is the tool that will do the grinding and blending ensuring that the end results are fit for consumption. Blender blades differ and are arranged in different angles to ensure consistency in the end product. The blade material needs to be durable to withstand the blending process.

Most blender blades are made of stainless steel which is sharp resulting in a better performance. While you can always replace blades easily, it’s best to find a blender that can serve you for longer without having to worry about replacing the blade. The best is to buy a blender with a removable blade. This will allow you to clean the blades more easily.  


The size of a blender comes into play, especially if you have a small kitchen space. With a multifunctional blender that is also small in size, you will be able to have fewer things in your kitchen while still performing the needed kitchen tasks. Also, the number of people you will be blending to determine the size of the blender since different sizes perform differently. For example, a standard blender used for pureeing and blending smoothies and soups for many people is not the same as one that you will use every day for your morning routine. 

If you prefer take-out food and rarely cook then a small-sized blender will do. Chopping/grinding requires a blender with a chopping blade and powerful processing functions. Be careful to check the blender jar material since the weight and capacity between a glass and a plastic blender jar is also not the same. Some brands sell stainless steel blender jars so pick wisely to avoid disappointments.  


When it comes to the function and features, depending on your intended use, you can either have a less or more powerful blender. This should be one with over 500 watts of power and a good blade. Blenders with less wattage are more energy-efficient compared to those with a high wattage. Most countertop blenders use less power and can, therefore, be used for blending soft ingredients.

You can get a ninja blender with a lower wattage of 300-watts power usage, for example, an immersion blender. These can only chop and blend softer ingredients like tomatoes. For making smoothies or food paste, you will need a blender with 500 to 700-watts power. You can use this blender to blend chunky vegetables into a smoothie. The capacity, speed, and consistency of these are much higher. Any blender above 700 watts is effective for grinding tougher ingredients like nuts, carrots, potatoes, fruits, and grains into fine grounds. 


Compare the different prices of your blender options along with your budget. A blender with more functions always tends to be higher when it comes to price so determine what type of blender you want, the features you must have and then compare the prices. Some blenders tend to have more accessories, for example, some might have additional chopping accessories like a separate grinder for smaller ingredients that you can attach to the main blender.

Once you are done choosing a blender and making your purchase, always remember to clean it well once you are done using it. A well-maintained blender can serve you for very many years to come.

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