Alps Tour announces August 13 return

Dubliner David Carey, a winner on the Alps Tour last year,  in action at St Malo Golf Resort. Credit: Tristan Jones/Alps Tour

Dubliner David Carey, a winner on the Alps Tour last year, in action at St Malo Golf Resort. Credit: Tristan Jones/Alps Tour

Ireland’s Alps Tour regulars can start planning again after the Alps Tour announced that it will resume in August with the Gosser Open in Austria.

Just two early-season events were played in Egypt in February before the tour shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Organising a new schedule proved a significant challenge for Alps Tour Chief Executive and Operations Director, Estelle Richard. But with coronavirus restrictions easing, the Alps Tour plans to return safely to action with the Gosser Open from August 13-15 the first of between 10 and 13 events.

"Our goal is to organise at least ten events in total, or even 13 if the second Egyptian swing is hopefully reasonably possible," said Richard, who confirmed that there will be three promotions from the Alps Tour to the Challenge Tour this season.

"We are very proud to announce that, thanks to our common work with the other Satellite Tours (Pro Golf Tour and Nordic League), we have obtained a great result as the Challenge Tour will offer to each Satellite Tour 3 spots for the 2021 season."

The Egyptian Cairo swing, which initially was to be played in March, has now been postponed until 12-24 November.

The First and Final Stage of the Qualifying School will take place for the ninth time at La Cala Resort in Spain from December 13-19.

Several Irish golfers will be making appearances on the 2020 Alps Tour, including Simon Bryan, David Carey, Michael Dallat, Peter Dallat, Gary Hurley, Ronan Mullarney, Conor O’Rourke and Jonathan Yates.

Alps Tour 2020 - Updated schedule
  • August 13-15 (Sat) Gosser Open, GC Erzherzog Johann, Maria Lankowiu, Austria

  • September 2-4 (Fri) Cervino Alps Open, Cervino Golf Club, Valtourmenche (AO), Italy

  • September 11-13 (Sun) Open de Is Mirabelli d'Or, Golf de La Grange aux Ormes, Metz, France

  • September 23-25 (Fri) Alps de Andalucia, Club Zaudin Golf, Tomares, Sevilla, Spain

  • Sep 30-Oct 2 (Sat) Alps de Las Castilla, Club de Golf de Salamanca (Zaringsgt), Salamanca, Spain

  • October 15-17 (Sat), Abruzzo Alps Open, Miglianico Golf & Country Club, Pescara, Italy

  • October 22-24 (Sat) Toscana Alps Open, Golf Club Toscana, Grosseto, Italy

  • November 5-7 (Sat) Date TBC, Open di Saint-Francois Region Guadeloupe, Golf de St Francois, Guadeloupe, West French Indies

  • November 12-14 (Sat) Allegria Open, Allegria GC, Cairo, Egypt

  • November 17-19 (Thu) Dreamland Pyramids Open, Dreamland GC, Cairo, Egypt

  • November 22-20 (Tue) New Giza Open, New Giza, Cairo, Egypt

  • December 13-14 Qualifying School 1st Stage, La Cala Resort, Malaga, Spain

  • December 17-19 Qualifying School Final Stage, La Cala Resort, Malaga, Spain

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