Grades are like grenades

Grades are like grenades Photo from Flickr 
Grades are grenades exploding in the mind like waves and wounding little children as they try to find a place to avoid the flying shrapnel of sarcasm and hide behind the walls they build and weep within a chasm of silence their faces contorted with confusion at the verbal violence. Grades are like grenades
With remnants of regret they strive to avoid the bottom set while aspiring to be the teacher’s pet which is something many grasp for but few will reach if the teacher is as cold as polar ice and does little more than teach and preach and throw content about like gambling dice. Grades are like grenades
The curriculum is dour and should be rearranged but lesson plans pass through many hands unchanged, unrevised and undisturbed which leaves the children unprepared and much perturbed about where their future in society rests while expression and creativity matter less than tests. Grades are like grenades
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