The Geek In Review Ep. 80 – Yes, And … A Return to KM 101 with Eugene Cipparone

  While we have a few comedic moments on the podcast (usually unintended), we actually have a real-life comedian, Eugene Cipparone , join us on this week’s episode. Eugene is a lawyer, who took a few years off to join The Second City comedy troop in Toronto, before working his way back into the legal industry as Goodmans, LLP’s Director of Professional Support. With the pandemic, the need for support, and KM resources became critical. Eugene’s ability to understand the needs of his firm and his ability to engage members of the firm in training by telling a comical story allows people to better remember the training and understand why the resources make the task easier to perform. (14:05)


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What to Expect from the AALL Virtual Conference Michelle Cosby, President of the American Association of Law Libraries, discusses what to expect from the AALL Virtual Conference on July 13-17, 2020. While the theme of Unmasking Your Potential was initially a tip of the hat to the host city of New Orleans, it’s come to have renewed meaning on what it is like to provide professional development and community during the pandemic. (8:50) Information Inspirations Listen, Subscribe, Comment Please take the time to rate and review us on Apple Podcast. Contact us anytime by tweeting us at  @gebauerm  or  @glambert . Or, you can call The Geek in Review hotline at 713-487-7270 and leave us a message. You can email us at [email protected] As always, the great music you hear on the podcast is from  Jerry David DeCicca .

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