Video shares voices of Black Liberation Ride organizers

Stills from the video. Watch it below.

The latest episode of the Portland Water Bureau’s “Water Stories” series shines a light on the recent Black Liberation ride.

The fifth annual edition of the ride took place on June 19th as a celebration of “Black joy” on Juneteenth and a huge number of people turned out.

The short film features the voices of ride organizers Jené Etheridge and Stephen Marea, both of whom said one of the things they appreciate most about it was the feeling of riding with people who look like themselves. “On the street, it’s like a really nice feeling of solidarity and safety to be around Black and Brown people on bikes,” said Etheridge. “It’s sometimes hard being in Portland where you don’t necessarily get to be around too many people that look like you if you are Brown,” added Marea.


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The ride grew substantially in size this year because of the ongoing protests against racism and police brutality. In the film, Marea says there were only about 40-50 people on the ride last year. Watch the video above or over on the Portland Water Bureau’s YouTube channel.

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