What's wrong with being a warrior... and how is it inconsistent with being a woman?

That's one of the protest murals in downtown Madison. It was photographed by me today, near this familiar corner:
I know feminism is so last year, but as I'm getting this racial ideology slammed in my face, I must protest on the ground of feminism. A woman can be a warrior! Why would you bemoan your little girls growing into woman warriors?
I remember when young women were fascinated by the book "The Woman Warrior" by Maxine Hong Kingston (1976). Excerpt:
After I grew up, I heard the chant of Fa Mu Lan, the girl who took her father’s place in battle. Instantly I remembered that as a child I had followed my mother about the house, the two of us singing about how Fa Mu Lan fought gloriously and returned alive from war to settle in the village. I had forgotten this chant that was once mine, given me by my mother, who may not have known its power to remind. She said I would grow up a wife and a slave, but she taught me the song of the warrior woman, Fa Mu Lan. I would have to grow up a warrior woman.... “And this is Fa Mu Lan... She was a woman warrior, and really existed.”
I should add that "Mulan" is a current film.

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