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Join French General Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9am PST for chats with some of our favorite friends, craft demos, and a few of our favorite things.

Our chat will be on Kaari Meng's French General's Instagram live and on YouTube.





I must say as happy I am to be asked to be part of French General's chat I am a bit nervous too. As those of you who have been reading me for ten thousand moons know, I seldom share photos of myself since I am timid in front of the camera plus very self-conscious of that thing called age. But here I go full throttle with an online interview. You might say this is like doing a bungee cord jump. After I agreed to do the live interview with Kaari I realized two other things one I haven't brushed my hair since self-imposed shelter in place and seriously what am I going to wear since the clothes I brought in February are too hot and the clothes I wear now... tank top, shorts, and a baseball cap I do not recognize myself. As you can see I haven't started freaking out about what the chat is going to be about which is more important than what I am going to wear, insert laughing out loud, funny how the unimportant things take the front seat when worrying.


So I hope you will stop by and watch Kaari and me share what we love about all things French because honestly, after not being in France at the brocante let alone not being in Yann's arm's or squeezing Gabriel, I might cry talking about it all. Gee, I hope I don't cry.

Teasing aside We are going to have a good time I hope you will join us.






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