Lt. Gov. Green describes how he and his security detail contracted coronavirus, new contact tracing head moves fast to quell virus, flaws in response cause COVID-19 to spread, more news from all the Hawaiian Islands

from Facebook Live video An apparently exhausted Lt. Gov. Green in July from Facebook Live Lt. Gov. Josh Green: "I guess I had to get COVID to make my point". Lt. Gov. Green explains how one doctor's call not to test a person for COVID-19 potentially exposed dozens of people, and underscores need for more testing and contact tracing. KITV4.
Hawaii Lt. Gov. Josh Green says he’s asymptomatic during home quarantine despite testing positive for coronavirus. Green, head of Hawaii’s COVID-19 efforts, announced Friday that he had tested positive and was quarantining at his Honolulu condominium. Star-Advertiser.

Lt. Gov. Josh Green: ‘I Don’t Feel Differently At All’. The state’s vocal COVID-19 medical liaison was diagnosed with COVID-19 on Friday. Civil Beat.
Lt. gov. provides update on his condition, another member of his security detail tests COVID-positive. The lieutenant governor is working from home and says that Sunday’s numbers show that Hawaii is at a turning point. KHON2.
Second member of Lt. Gov. Green’s security detail tests positive for COVID. According to the Department of Public Safety, a second deputy sheriff assigned to Lt. Gov. Josh Green’s security detail has tested positive for COVID-19. Hawaii News Now.
2nd Deputy Sheriff Assigned To Hawaii Lt. Gov. Has COVID-19. Lt. Gov. Josh Green has been in isolation since Friday. Civil Beat.

Second Member of Lt. Gov. Josh Green’s Security Detail Tests Positive for COVID-19. A second deputy sheriff assigned to Lieutenant Governor Josh Green’s security detail has tested positive for COVID-19. The deputy last worked on Sept. 10, 2020. As of Sunday, Sept. 13, the two deputy sheriffs and Lt. Gov. Green are the only confirmed positive cases in the Lieutenant Governor’s Office. Maui Now.
Third Member of Lt. Gov. Green’s Office Positive For Coronavirus. A second deputy sheriff assigned to Lt. Gov. Josh Green’s office has tested positive for COVID-19. Big Island Now.
Emily Roberson, Hawaii’s new head of contact tracing, moves quickly to revamp the program. Hawaii is at a critical crossroads in reining in the coronavirus that has killed nearly 100 and sickened more than 10,500 statewide, wreaking havoc on the economy and leaving thousands of residents jobless. Star-Advertiser.
Tulsi Gabbard’s New Leadership PAC. Political experts say the Hawaii congresswoman’s new PAC signals she’s not done with politics even after she leaves office at the end of her term. Civil Beat.
Hawaii Public School Enrollment Down 2.6% This Year. The total student count across public schools is now 174,704. Civil Beat.
Thousands inquire about state’s rental relief program, some have been helped. It’s been less than a week since the state launched a program that will help residents with rent. KHON2.
Hawaii Demand Slumps For Energy Providers. Utilities and alternative energy providers have felt the economic effects of the COVID-19 shutdowns. Hawaii Public Radio.
Pandemic Changes Hawai‘i’s Energy Consumption: Who, When and How Much. The pandemic and resulting recession has transformed the way Hawai‘i uses energy: who consumes it, when and how much, says Scott Glenn, the state’s chief energy officer. Hawaii Business magazine.
Sustainability bill to become law Sept. 15. A state House bill to strengthen statewide sustainability coordination and update the roles and responsibilities of the state Office of Planning will become law Tuesday, Sept. 15, after the measure was not included on Gov. David Ige’s intent-to-veto list. Garden Island.
Oahu-based contact tracing phone app waiting to launch. Nonprofit develops voluntary self-reporting software that keeps location data secure. An Oahu-based nonprofit with the help of a Maui surgeon has been developing an app to be used as an anonymous, voluntary self-reporting tool for residents and visitors during the pandemic. Maui News.
Hawaii officials report 2 coronavirus-related deaths on Oahu and 114 new infections statewide. Hawaii Department of Health officials today reported two more coronavirus-related deaths on Oahu and 114 new infections statewide, bringing the state’s totals since the beginning of the pandemic to 99 fatalities and 10,700 COVID-19 cases. Star-Advertiser.
114 New COVID-19 Cases (96 O‘ahu, 2 Maui, 16 Hawai‘i Island), 2 Deaths. Maui Now.
The Latest: 2 Deaths, 114 New Cases; One Death At Hilo Medical; Green In Quarantine Says He's Fine. Hawaii Public Radio.
Honolulu has allocated about 60% of CARES Act funds, but December deadline looms. It’s use it or lose it when it comes to federal CARES Act funds, but so far Honolulu has only spent about $72 million of its $387 million distribution. Star-Advertiser.
This Is How Honolulu Is Spending $387 Million In CARES Act Money. The clock is ticking. The federal money has a “use it or lose it” provision. Civil Beat.
Honolulu Council Chair Ikaika Anderson Already On Payroll Of Local Union. Anderson said Wednesday he would resign from the council before his term ends to care for his grandparents. He started work for Local 630 Sept. 1. Civil Beat.
UH Manoa May Cut Theater, Journalism, Social Welfare Programs. Degrees in languages, dance and other subjects are also among those on a preliminary chopping block to balance the budget. Civil Beat.

The struggle of North Shore’s largest employers reaches deep into the tourism-dependent community. Oahu’s North Shore, where most residents and businesses rely on tourism for economic survival, has been among the communities hardest-hit by the tourism collapse. Star-Advertiser.
Hawaii Island
COVID-19 survivors see flaws in system: Mayor thinks central command post will improve response. It started with a little tickle at the back of her throat. When she lost her sense of smell, this Hawaii Island woman had no doubt. She had COVID-19. West Hawaii Today.
Hilo veterans home outbreak prompts more scrutiny. Two more coronavirus deaths related to an outbreak at the Yukio Okutsu State Veterans Home were reported Sunday by Avalon Healthcare, whose infection control practices are under federal review. Star-Advertiser.
2 more deaths reported at a Hilo veterans home as Mayor Kim calls for changes. On Saturday, Mayor Kim held a rare news conference to call for the the suspension and replacement of administrative staff at the home, saying their failed response has led to the worsening outbreak and alarming number of deaths. Hawaii News Now.
Mayor Kim Holds Press Conference On Veterans Home Outbreak. Mayor Harry Kim called a news conference in Hilo on Saturday, speaking out on the worsening situation at the Yukio Okutsu State Veterans Home, where an outbreak of COVID-19 has contributed to the deaths of ten veterans. Big Island Video News.

2 more have died of COVID-19 at Yukio Okutsu State Veterans Home on Sept. 13. The COVID-related death toll rose by two at the Yukio Okutsu State Veterans Home, Avalon Healthcare officials reported on Sunday, Sept. 13. KHON2.

Charter amendment price tags: Most of the 16 proposed amendments will have minimal financial impact, county says. West Hawaii Today.
Site blessed for homeless village; Kukiola construction to take about eight months. In a very small and low-key ceremony Thursday, Hawaii County blessed the site of the future KukuiOla, a homeless village to be located at the corner of Kealakehe Parkway and Ane Keohokalole Highway in Kailua-Kona. West Hawaii Today
County of Maui Successfully Prices $74.42 Million in General Obligation Bonds. The proceeds of the General Obligation Bonds will be used for capital improvement projects in the County of Maui and to refinance outstanding bonds issued by the County of Maui at lower interest rates. Maui Now.
South Maui housing projects get green light. Liloa Hale would offer 117 units for seniors, Hale Kaiola 40 units. Maui News.
Hearing-impaired students to get special masks. The East Kaua‘i Lions Club Foundation awarded Paleka Zirzow an award of $1,440 Saturday to purchase special face masks for students and those who work with students on Kaua‘i who are deaf or hard of hearing. Garden Island.
A place to bring the fish to. Located at 3083 Peleke Street, Lawai‘a offers not only a variety of fresh catch, but a lot of other things fish, including lures, line, gift items, and stuff growing in the backyard like pumpkins, avocado and more. Garden Island.
Molokai leaders anticipate an increase in COVID cases this week. Molokai has reported 11 cases of COVID-19 in the last two weeks. KHON2.
Four new virus cases reported on Molokai. Island’s COVID-19 count now up to 13. Health officials are investigating four new cases of COVID-19 on Molokai, with two possibly related to a recent string of travel- and family-related reports earlier this week. Maui News.
Moloka‘i Grab-And-Go Meal Service Modified After COVID-19 Case Involving High School Employee. Grab-and-go Meal Service on Molokaʻi is being modified as a precaution after confirmation of a positive COVID-19 case involving a Molokaʻi High School employee. Maui Now.

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